Momentum Short-term insurance brings light to dark spaces and reflects a new way to improve safety

20 March 2015 Marius Lock, Momentum Short-term Insurance


Craig Jacobs and Marius Lock :  Head of Marketing Momentum Short-term Insurance.

Craig Jacobs and Marius Lock : Head of Marketing Momentum Short-term Insurance.

South Africa is notorious in headlines across the world for their imminent safety inferiority. Out of 36 countries surveyed in a study on road fatalities, South Africa ranked the worst, as reported by the International Transport Forum. Further to that, 35-40% of road deaths in South Africa are of pedestrians, as documented by Arrive Alive.

We sometimes hear our colleagues speak of how fearful they are travelling to work on roads that don’t meet basic safety protocols or the environmentally conscious around us who cycle to work, are afraid the traffic aren’t able to see them. The unsafe roads and lack of pedestrian visibility must stop.

Marius Lock, Head of Marketing for Momentum Short-term Insurance states, “We’ve asked ourselves what we can do as a business. What contribution can we make to address the safety concerns of South Africans? As a business, Momentum’s purpose is to enhance the financial wellness of individuals, families and businesses, and we’re choosing safety to represent this purpose”.

The Be Seen on the Safe Side campaign is a consequence of these findings and it aims to change the behaviour of South Africans when it comes to safety, particularly road safety. Momentum Short-term Insurance will own the safety space for all South Africans in an ongoing interactive campaign that will bring light into the darkness. Through the Be Seen campaign, Momentum will effectively make a difference in the minds of South Africans and their communities by building broad based social impact.

“Many businesses make statements of purpose, but few have the ability to translate these into real value, which really changes behaviour to the lives of consumers. We believe that assisting our customers, financial advisers and all of our citizens to enhance their safety will make a real difference to our country”, shares Lock.

The Be Seen campaign was launched at SA Fashion Week on 19 March in which a reflective active-gear clothing line was showcased and aims to “measurably and sustainably impact the safety of South Africans in the places they live, work and shop by making them more visible,” said Lock. Partnering with celebrated fashion designer, Craig Jacobs, “We are able to promote safety and financial wellness, through the exciting world of fashion, whilst also effectively promoting the message of visibility to all South Africans”, enthuses Lock.

The community will be highly involved and engaged with the Be Seen campaign, Momentum Short-term Insurance invites their clients and financial advisers to identify and nominate unsafe spaces in their suburbs, which may be a school with no lighting; a road with a number of potholes; unlit areas where active citizens, like runners or cyclists, exercise.

“Our Momentum volunteer teams will visit these areas and work with the community to actively address these issues and walk the talk of the campaign. It’s a very practical campaign but one which empowers South Africans to tell us what they want us to do in the context of safety. We ultimately want to make a real positive difference in our communities,” affirms Lock.

Be Seen is truly the way forward, bringing light into the darkness via Momentum Short-term Insurance.

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