Keeping South Africans and their loved ones safe - Momentum Safety Alert 2.0

08 March 2021 Momentum

During the initial stages of the COVID-19 lockdown there was a significant drop in crime, however, as the lockdown eased crime rates went back to prior levels. This required individuals to remain highly alert and vigilant.

According to Statistics South Africa (Stats SA), housebreaking or burglary has consistently been the most common crime experienced by households in South Africa. The number of households that experienced this crime in the five years preceding the survey has increased from 2,1 million in 2015/16 to 2,3 million in 2019/20.

“Taking cognisance of South Africa’s high crime rate and aligning to our main objectives of not just keeping your possessions safe, Momentum developed Safety Alert, a mobile panic button feature, to provide Momentum car and home insurance policyholders with comfort in the knowledge that if the policyholder or a loved one is ever in danger or in need of emergency assistance, help is just a click away,” said Dipesh Radia, Chief Commercial Officer at Momentum.

Safety Alert is an emergency panic button linked to armed response, which is available via the Momentum mobile app. Since Safety Alert’s launch in 2019, the service has been a resounding success in keeping South Africans safe with over 7 000 clients who have registered for this free service that turns any smartphone into a panic button. Or as we like to say, the ‘do not panic button’.

In the past year, the service was activated over 5 000 times with 39% of the call-outs involving vehicle breakdowns where no security was required and 18% involving vehicle breakdowns, where security was required. Other instances where Safety Alert was initiated include cases involving suspicious activity, motorists running out of fuel (4.9%), domestic disputes, illnesses and injuries, etc.

The acquisition of Alexander Forbes Insurance (AFI), now Momentum Insurance (MI), last year has led to a number of exciting developments that combine our areas of expertise to deliver an enhanced customer experience and provide a broader range of differentiated products for policyholders to choose from.

“As a result, Safety Alert has been upgraded to Safety Alert 2.0, giving thousands more Momentum car and home insurance policyholders access to its enhanced safety features and boosted protection”, added Radia.

One of the most exciting new features available to all car and home insurance policyholders at Momentum is the ability to give a loved one access to the feature at no extra cost. “When it comes to safety, we know that your main concern isn’t always yourself. That’s why we cover the people you love too by giving them access to immediate emergency help at a touch of a button,” Radia adds.

If a loved one feels threatened, they can simply push the Safety Alert panic button feature, via the Momentum App, and we will send the nearest armed responders to their exact location, nationwide.

“We understand that in an emergency, time is of the essence and we are committed to making sure that our response units get to you in record time,” says Radia. “As soon as the panic feature is activated, by pressing the emergency button for 2 seconds, a control centre agent will call you to confirm your alert and immediately dispatch a response unit which takes on average under 12 minutes to arrive at the exact location.”

In the event of a telephone call not being answered after the Safety Alert is activated, armed responders will be dispatched to the last known GPS location.

Centred on the user’s convenience and peace of mind the enhanced Safety Alert 2.0 feature includes:

• free service to Momentum car and home insurance policyholders
• free access for one additional loved one
• unlimited amount of activations
• access to a network of over 1 800 armed responders 24/7/365
• an interactive map with real-time updates to track the responding vehicle’s movement
• an SMS giving you details of your responder such as security company name, vehicle type, registration number as well as the estimated time of arrival, all whilst still communicating with the user until their alert is resolved
• crisis centre assistance for additional support if required.

“We truly hope that our customers and their loved ones never have to use Safety Alert 2.0, however the reality is that things do happen, and we want to give them the peace of mind that if it does, we will be there to help keep them safe,” concludes Radia.

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