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28 August 2019 Momentum Metropolitan Holdings


MMI Graduation

MMI Graduation

Momentum Metropolitan, (formerly MMI) welcomed the first crop of graduates from its Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) Programme today. Over the past 12 months, six entrepreneurs from the cleaning and security industries have been undergoing extensive business development training and support with Momentum Metropolitan’s ESD unit under its ESD Trust. The six business owners were rewarded for their passion and dedication in a graduation ceremony at Momentum Metropolitan’s offices in Centurion.

The six graduates are: (order of images attached)
• Olga Ncube owner of Kusile Hygiene & Industrial Services;
• Orianda Ntsompo owner of Orizoe Services;
• Jubi Nkumane owner of Jubzin Security;
• Grace Seleka owner of Octavian Group Pty Ltd;
• Pheliswa Ntila owner of PSU Services; and
• Bongiwe Monakedi owner of Monabo Hygiene Services;
The Momentum Metropolitan ESD Trust, which was established in 2015, is committed to improving the ability of qualifying entrepreneurs to access markets and funding, and to develop their businesses in a way that fosters inclusive growth.

“We are proud to announce the newest graduates from our ESD programme today,” says Fiona Ally Group Lead: ESD at Momentum Metropolitan. “They have demonstrated the kind of determination and hard work which deserves to be rewarded. At Momentum Metropolitan, our purpose is to enable businesses and people from all walks of life to achieve their financial goals and life aspirations. In the ESD space we do this is by creating opportunities for greater inclusivity in business supply chains and enhancing economic empowerment in South Africa.”

The ESD programme aims to provide the selected black-owned SMMEs with the necessary skills to grow their businesses and improve their readiness to provide professional best-in-class services to markets and/or Momentum Metropolitan, and to develop SMMEs to ultimately operate businesses with great growth potential, sustainability and the ability to exist beyond the owner of the business.

The key elements of the Trust strategy include:
• Enabling platform
• Business Development
• Improve entrepreneurs’ ability to gain access to markets and funding
• Assist to transform the untransformed
• Sustainability (Beyond Survival)

For this first cohort the ESD Trust specifically identified cleaning and security services as target commodities for the development of black-owned SMMEs. There are other initiatives in the pipeline as Momentum Metropolitan continue to support ESD

Each graduate was awarded a certificate of completion and an excellence award this morning and will now continue to grow their business having received support from the ESD programme.

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