MiWay’s BusinessAssist service set to promote growth in the SME sector

13 July 2017 MiWay
Morné Stoltz, Head of MiWay Business Insurance

Morné Stoltz, Head of MiWay Business Insurance

South Africa’s small business sector is also one of its fastest growing, with recent studies suggesting that SMEs now account for over 40% of the country’s GDP. Yet despite this encouraging growth, today’s emerging enterprises continue to face a wide variety of administrative and legislative challenges, which can in many cases act as a barrier to continued success.

In light of this, MiWay Business recently introduced MiBusinessAssist, a new business support service designed to save SMEs time, reduce unnecessary operational costs and proffer the business acumen and expertise required to sustain long-term growth. 

Offering a slew of value-added services, ranging from administrative assistance to cost-efficient procurement solutions, MiBusinessAssist provides welcome relief for small business owners starved of appropriate know-how and resources, enabling them to get on with the business of running a business. 

“Despite the impact of SMEs on the economy, these businesses aren’t given the type of support they really want and need to sustain longevity,” explains Morné Stoltz, Head of MiWay Business Insurance. “Funding is one thing, but without the necessary tools and personnel to operate on a day-to-day basis, businesses are ending up with massive administrative backlogs, and in many instances, seeing their growth potential scuppered.” 

How It Works

MiBusinessAssist offers several services such as MiOffice, which gives SMEs access to a range of value-added benefits, specifically designed to save money and spare the business from time consuming administration. Services include 24/7 telephonic and online access to a team of business consultants, who assist with administration matters and technical enquires. 

MiDeals is designed to save costs, using a team of buyers to source reliable, quality service providers from a database of over 100 000 tried and tested suppliers. The buyers negotiate discounts, and arrange for value-added services and pre-negotiated deals with a variety of service providers. 

The MiVehicles Service allows SMEs to source new or pre-owned vehicles through a network of more than 200 motor dealerships nationwide. MiWay specialists assist in finding the right vehicle solution for any business, and take care of all administration, saving the business both time and money.  

As an added benefit, MiWay also offers a unique MiPeople Services, which gives SMEs access to HR advisers and labour lawyers in the event of HR-related matters, while MiCompliance enables entrepreneurs to easily and efficiently evaluate business’s compliance levels. 

“We understand that time is money, and that without one, it’s very hard to achieve the other” says Stoltz.  “The idea of this service is to free business owners up to do what they do best, and to provide a pivotal lifeline to the critical information and resources needed to succeed.”


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