Metropolitan’s New Brand Campaign Puts What Matters to Clients at its Core

09 October 2018 Metropolitan

Metropolitan has recently launched its new brand campaign, built around the promise of ‘What matters to you, matters to us’. “Our new brand campaign is a very public and bold return to our roots - a social pact with our customers, both current and future, as well as our employees and shareholders alike.

In a sometimes chaotic world driven by mass production and anonymity, we believe that people want to be seen for their everyday personal pursuits to better life for themselves and their families. But as with anything in life, two pairs of hands are always better than one,” says Llewellyn Allen, Divisional Chief Marketing Officer for Metropolitan.

He continues: “It’s the same when it comes to people’s money needs. At Metropolitan, we wholeheartedly believe that having an encouraging, friendly expert at your side through life, who is enabling and celebrating the good times with you but who is also there for you in the challenging times, is the essence of what we do. Our new campaign shows that we are by our clients’ side, walking their life’s journey with them and helping them plan for and achieve the financial goals that really matter to them by providing personalised financial products and advice.”

“Metropolitan is a brand that has been about the power of the collective for years – this is expressed through the pay off line ‘Together we can’. Our new campaign is inspired by insights regarding how individuals and families have their unique needs; no two families are the same even within similar cultures. As a brand we believe that when clients communicate what matters to them, our ability to offer solutions that enhance their lives is strengthened,” adds Allen.

The campaign came about following a strategic review of the business in November last year in which Metropolitan asked itself whether it had positioned the brand in a way that sets it up for success. “The honest answer was no,” shares the Divisional Chief Marketing Officer. “We weren’t reaching our core market with what we were doing, so we had to get real and resonate with them. We also weren’t getting noticed, particularly because what we were doing wasn’t distinctive enough. With this new campaign, we want to reintroduce Metropolitan to the market and get our clients optimistic about their future and the role that we play in their financial life goals.”

The campaign also forms part of a broader strategy by parent company MMI Holdings to increase earnings and set the business up to achieve sustainable, profitable growth within three years. “A critical part of meeting this objective has been the revitalisation of our client-facing brands. As a group, we have re-energised our purpose of financial wellness to spell out exactly what we do, which is to enable businesses and people from all walks of life to achieve their financial goals and life aspirations,” shares Nontokozo Madonsela, Group CMO at MMI Holdings.

More than just a marketing campaign, Metropolitan actualises its promise with personalised solutions that take care of clients from birth to death – from providing their children with a quality education and being able to have financial security if they become disabled, to having enough money to live on when they retire and being able to have their final farewell the way they want. “All of the things that matter to our clients,” says Allen.

Allen reveals that, for the first time in almost a decade, Metropolitan has incorporated a product - in this case, the new Funeral Solution - into its marketing. He shares: “Our decision to change track was due to the fact that how we live our lives and how we’re sent off on our last day on earth is important to all of us. We wanted to acknowledge this universal truth by letting people know that we care about the same things.”

“With a return to who we are as a business combined with the promise we make to all the lives we touch, we simply had to take a deep breath and confidently say to all of South Africa: What matters to you, really matters to us because Together We Can!” concludes Allen.

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