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28 August 2007 Liberty Life

Liberty Life is launching a groundbreaking "Hands On Life" campaign that will see a road show travel the country over the year.

"We wanted to have some face-to-face contact with our existing clients," says Bruce Hemphill, CEO of Liberty Life, "The campaign is about bringing great service to our clients and making their lives easier, its about putting a human touch to life assurance."

The campaign sees a Client Contact Centre being set up in major shopping centers across the country from a Thursday to a Sunday, manned by local brokers who are able to update client information on the spot, print out client's current policies as well as consult on whether they are appropriately covered.

"Our objectives are two-fold," explains Bruce, "By being in the busiest and most popular shopping centres, our clients can quite literally stop in, update and print-out their policies. We all know that these things are the last on our 'to-do' lists but they are necessary and vital, so instead of trying to squeeze it into your hectic workday, you can do this on your shopping run. It's also important for potential clients to see the service that Liberty Life offers their clients, and we are hoping to attract a new market through this innovative approach."

A mobile Client Contact Centre is the first for the industry as a whole, and Liberty Life is proud to be spearheading a campaign of these proportions. "We are bringing heart into the business and also opening a new chapter in servicing," says Bruce.

The Client Contact Centre will have a unique touch-screen display that allows any member of the public to walk up and punch their birth details in and get a quick comparison on the price of Coke, a loaf of bread, a house and a car from the current, back to their birth year and future predicted prices up to their retirement year at 65 years of age. "It's a fun and scary way of seeing prices change throughout ones life and offers a quick assessment as to the kind of retirement cover they should have."

There is also a canvas for handprints that will keep the kiddies occupied while mom and dad are busy with the touchscreen or a broker, so no detail has been left out of the equation. Cash prizes will be given away at each shopping center through Liberty Life's Visible Money Vault competition. Clients can guess the contents of the Visible Vault to win the entire contents.

As an added feature that will no doubt attract much attention, Liberty Life have also commissioned a replica Dakar racing truck that will be present at each shopping centre, and will in fact be used to transport the stand from venue to venue. "It's huge, attention grabbing and you certainly aren't going to miss us when were in your area," says Bruce.

Liberty Life has extended their help and have shown their hands and hearts in this years Womens' Day Celebration. The HANDS ON LIFE truck moved all the goodies donated to the central warehouse and assisted in collecting other donated items.


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