Investec Life finalizes exclusive partnership with UK genetics company DNAfit

16 September 2019 Investec

New partnership will use cutting-edge, award-winning innovation to empower clients in making better nutritional and fitness decisions, as part of Investec Life’s strategy to relook the status quo in the life sector.

Investec Life has partnered with UK-based genetics company DNAfit Life Sciences to empower their clients with personalised information that will enable them to make better decisions with regard to their personal health and wellness. As the first in Africa to offer this global innovation, Investec Life is disrupting the sector in promoting precision medicine as a means of furthering preventative health, in line with a growing global trend.

An award-winning health and wellness company, DNAfit uses the results gleaned from a simple DNA test to discover how an individual’s genetic make-up affects his or her response to changes in stress, sleep, nutrition and fitness. From a simple saliva swab, DNAfit can establish an individual’s optimal diet type, food sensitivities and intolerances, stress response, sleep quality and caffeine response, along with numerous other factors. Based on this information, DNAfit is able to provide clients with uniquely personalised diet, fitness and wellness solutions, providing them with all the information they need to optimise their health and wellbeing. In addition to the test, the Investec DNAfit inclusion incorporates a consultation with a registered dietician and a sports scientist, a core part of the process of enabling clients to put their genetic report into action and gain the full benefit of the knowledge accessed.

“Investec Life is always on the lookout for ways to improve upon the traditional life insurance experience,” says Michael Goemans, Chief Executive Officer of Investec Life. “Through this partnership, we hope to connect our clients with the latest innovations in health and wellness. By drawing on a growing body of scientific knowledge, our clients will be able to fine tune their approach to maintaining their health and optimising their well-being.”

The partnership is part of a clear strategy to relook the innovation agenda in the life sector as a whole.

“Historically, insurers have believed that they were innovating by proliferating product. This perpetuated a systemic push to sell insurance products that claimed to meet consumer needs by creating multiple iterations of themselves. In reality, this simply fed the pipeline distribution and did little to enhance client experience or value,” he said.

“While there will always be a need for updated products, this is not innovation. If we are to challenge the status quo, we urgently need to reinvent the innovation agenda,” said Goemans.

Goemans believes client experience and access “on their own terms” is where the future sits. “Simplicity (without losing comprehensiveness) should consume our attention. We need to deliver gold-standard products, and solutions that enhance relevance, without leaving the client behind. This partnership with DNAfit is a testament to the innovation that lies at the heart of Investec Life,” he concludes.

“DNAFit’s aims are ultimately to democratise wellness, giving everyone the chance to understand their health on a truly personal level in order to live happier, healthier lives, rather than relying on ‘one size fits all’ approach,” says Avi Lasarow, Founder and CEO of Prenetics owned DNAfit. “This partnership with Investec Life furthers that aim – it is a testament to their dedication to pursuing innovation that assists their clientele, and we look forward to doing exactly that.”

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