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08 September 2014 Ildiko Richardson, Infiniti Insurance
Ildiko Richardson.

Ildiko Richardson.

The dynamics of the liability market forces that have come into play with the advent of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) has changed the face of not just the insurance industry but all facets of business that ‘sell’ to the consumer. This ranges from the corner café, the professional giving advice, all the way to the medium and large corporate entities that are synonymous with popular brands in our ever growing global consumer world.

This new character we call the CPA has taken away previously utilised defences and leaves little place for anyone to hide.

Brokers need to be sure that their clients are getting the best possible cover in line with their needs. So New Age Insurers need to be ahead of the pack and forward thinking to come up with real insurance solutions to allow brokers to give their clients the protection they require in the current litigious environment.

Enter the new generation RisQ, a division of Infiniti Insurance Limited with an underwriter in Ildiko Richardson who has had training and experience with the market doyennes of liability insurance and was instrumental in bringing the first environmental underwriting company to the fore 11 years ago.

Ildiko is well placed to get right into the swing of market place practices having taken a 5 year sabbatical, including moving countries, and gaining valuable insight into international insurance practices.

She has taken the environmental wordings and covers that the market has used for the last 11 years and added some much needed scope in covers. Once again the lead will be taken by Ildiko and the new green RisQ policies will add value and distinction to the brokers and their clients.

Events covers are also within the scope of covers RisQ can offer the markets giving this niche market another option to consider as well as increasing capacity for this specialist area.

Further complementing the portfolio of liability business will be professional indemnity risk exposures within limited markets as well as a general liability and products liability facility to give brokers and their client’s access to an alternative, value-adding distribution channel. Within this context a specialist product has been developed to cater for the needs of high risk sports groups.

Infiniti Insurance welcomes Ildiko and the RisQ team and look forward to all her brokers (old and new) making the switch to Infiniti and beyond.


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