Infiniti Insurance pioneers online platform

04 July 2016 Sharon Paterson, Infiniti Insurance
Sharon Paterson, CEO of Infiniti Insurance.

Sharon Paterson, CEO of Infiniti Insurance.

From login in to policy in under 10 minutes!

Short term insurer, Infiniti Insurance today announced the launch of the pioneering Infiniti Online – a secure online insurance platform, offering clients the autonomy to manage their personal and business insurance requirements entirely online.

The entire on-boarding process is completed online – from choosing the appropriate cover, to monthly debits and claims. The Infiniti Online platform is user friendly, easy to navigate and everything is clearly explained in language that is easily understood. Together with itemised costing, this makes the registration and securing of cover, simple and completely transparent.

Chatting to Sharon Paterson, CEO of Infiniti Insurance, she outlines the reasoning behind the launch of Infiniti Online. “Based on our market research we believe that we are currently missing out on a group of people who do not want to deal through our current distribution channels, no matter how competent and efficient these are. They are confident, independent, tech-savvy people who know exactly what they want to insure and want to do it however and whenever it suits them, without having to speak to anyone – this is what Infiniti Online offers,” says Sharon Paterson, CEO of Infiniti Insurance.

Paterson reiterated the commitment of Infiniti to the broker market, saying that the business from their suite of brokers is the backbone of their organization and Infiniti intends to continue to cautiously expand that network by sourcing like-minded insurance entrepreneurs to partner with. “Our brokers are superb and knowledgeable and offer fantastic service and bespoke products to their clients. This is not a change of strategy but rather an additional channel. If a client visits the Infiniti Online website and for some reason cannot complete the transaction online, we re-direct them to the broker closest to them, and so the whole Infiniti family will benefit from this new venture.”

Paterson confirms that the level of security on the platform complies with both South African and international standards. The operating system is Markit Systems, a tried and tested UK based system. Private login details also ensure client profiles are safe and secure.

“We look forward to delivering yet another superior service,” concludes Paterson.


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