New Hollard campaign asserts: ‘Long live the broker!’

10 May 2018 Willie Lategan, Hollard
Willie Lategan, chief executive officer of Hollard’s short-term division.

Willie Lategan, chief executive officer of Hollard’s short-term division.

In this age of digital convenience and disruption, some things will always hold true – such as the immense value that insurance brokers offer customers through providing great advice and personal service.

The Hollard Insurance Company has since its establishment in 1980 always focused on partnership, in particular with brokers, who are at the core of its business model. It is, and always will be, a purpose-driven organisation – everything it does, every day, is aimed at enabling more people to create and secure a better future.

“We’ve always believed passionately in the power of partnerships, because we can achieve so much more together than we can on our own. Brokers are central to our approach, because they know customers’ individual needs, can provide them with expert advice and relevant insurance cover, and are there to assist them when submitting a claim,” says Willie Lategan, chief executive officer of Hollard’s short-term division, Hollard Insure.

“And we know it works well. In fact, brokers have helped us grow into the second-largest short-term insurer in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. We now operate in 18 territories around the world, employing 4 000 people and supporting 6-million policyholders.

“Brokers remain critical to both us and our policyholders, and we need them to know that – which is why we’ve initiated our #LongLiveTheBroker campaign.”

“We live in a rapidly changing world: political uncertainty – both locally and globally, a low-growth economic environment, and more frequent and severe extreme weather events,” says Nash Omar, managing director for sales and distribution at Hollard Insure.

“On top of this, evolving regulation and supervision in the insurance industry, the advent of direct insurance, and rapid technological innovation and disruption are putting pressure on brokers’ sustainability, and many predict their eventual demise. But not us: we believe that brokers are more important and relevant than ever.”

This rapidly changing business environment means that both insurers and intermediaries must continually adapt their processes, systems and models, as well as better manage risk, to remain commercially viable and meet customer needs.

“In our new short-term division, Hollard Insure, we’ve appointed a capable and empowered leadership team, as well as better-empowered, stronger regional management teams to give greater effect to our local-is-lekker, eyeballs-and-handshakes approach,” adds Omar.

“But as much as we embrace our own transformation, some things will never change,” Lategan continues. “Most importantly, our commitment to our win-win-win partnership philosophy is as unshakeable as ever: we will always partner with brokers to deliver the win to those brokers, to policyholders and to us.

“In fact, #LongLiveTheBroker signals our intent to move to the next level when it comes to our partnership philosophy. We want to move beyond partnership based on providing brokers with the best product, merely helping brokers make and maintain sales, providing administrative support and services, or strong interpersonal relationships.

“We want to move beyond partnership, so that we can become brokers’ favourite insurer; their success is our success, after all. So while some may say that advice is dead, we clearly and unambiguously state: ‘Long live the broker!’”

To find out more about #LongLiveTheBroker, please visit the #LongLiveTheBroker page on the Hollard website, follow the @HollardInsure Twitter account or visit the Hollard Insure LinkedIn page.

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