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13 December 2018Natsure

We recently celebrated a momentous and often rare occasion in business: our 50th year in business! We commemorated our 50th anniversary by celebrating with our clients, friends and family with an event in Sandton. At the event, our Managing Diretor, Tersia Davies, announced our renewed vision and mission, to transform insurance and innovate for the future. Along with this, she unveiled our exciting rebrand including a new modern logo and a refreshed look and feel across all brand executions and touchpoints.

Finally, our individually branded divisions previously named; Airspace Africa, Universal Marine, HCV and Commercial and Professional Risk Acceptances Africa, have all been brought in under the new Natsure branding, and are now:
Natsure Aviation
Natsure Universal Marine
Natsure HCV and Commercial
Natsure Prorisk Liability and PI.

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A message from our Managing Director

" I am also very excited to celebrate the next 50 years, with the announcement of our new branding and future strategy.

I believe as a company we have moved into a new business to keep up with the industry and worldwide environmental, economic and technological changes. The one thing that I am committed to is to make sure that we continue to have and to surround ourselves with people in our business that are not only skilled and professional in the various niche areas that we operate in, but that we are all proud of our achievements, and proud of our business.

Our new vision, to be the preferred partner for specialist intermediaries, by setting a new benchmark for service delivery and innovative product solutions, in order to become one of the most respected brands in the industry - ultimately known and trusted by the end consumer is what we must continually strive for, we must be supportive of each other and work together to build a sustainable business and a workforce that is committed to work excellence!"

- Tersia Davey


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