The iMas Insurance Brokers Story – moving forward so that individuals can live financially well

07 February 2023 iMas Insurance Brokers
Piet Wolmarans, Managing Director at iMas Insurance Brokers

Piet Wolmarans, Managing Director at iMas Insurance Brokers

“You never really know where you are going until you know where you have been” -Maya Angelou.

iMas Insurance Brokers, wholly owned subsidiary of the iMasFinance Co-operative, offers its clients a holistic insurance solution. The company’s legacy is deeply rooted in iMasFinance as both organisations’ value propositions are built on a strong foundation of caring for its clients and empowering them to live financially well.

As a broker, iMas Insurance Brokers acts on its clients’ behalf to make sure that they have an insurance policy that meets their needs and their pockets. In addition, the company takes care of the entire process when their clients need to claim – making their lives so much easier. Its 360? insurance product offering, means that iMas Insurance Brokers can provide any type of cover that a person could possibly need: from car and home insurance, to drafting a will to taking up life, funeral and disability cover.

Piet Wolmarans, Managing Director at iMas Insurance Brokers, reflects on the company’s journey, and shares his insights on its contribution to the insurance industry and the road ahead.

1. When was iMas Insurance Brokers established?
The insurance business has always been part of iMasFinance which was established in 1937. However, in April 2017 iMas Insurance Brokers was established as an independent Financial Service Provider (FSP number 47563), a wholly owned subsidiary of iMasFinance.

2. Who founded it and why?
The iMasFinance Board made a decision based on its Group strategic roadmap, to register a separate entity to drive and lead the Group’s strategy regarding insurance related business. iMas Insurance Brokers, currently employs 167 fulltime staff members and has an independent network of around 100 contractors that forms part of its product distribution team. In addition to direct channels, we have a fully-fledged contact center to support the business and the Group’s digital strategy.

3. What products do you offer and what would you say is your competitive edge in the insurance industry?
The main purpose and vision of our business is to support our clients on their journey towards financial wellness by offering a comprehensive product solutions basket with multiple product providers in place. Our product solutions are both in the Non- Life and Life environments and include, but are not limited to, car and home insurance, business insurance, and an array of value-added services such as car hire, panic button alert, roadside assist, assistance with license renewals and more. In the Life environment, our product solutions include risk products such as funeral, life and disability cover, savings and investments, estate planning, free drafting’s of wills and retirement planning. We also provide credit insurance on financing products.

Our competitive edge is certainly routed in being part of a financial co-operative structure where our clients (also referred to as members) become co-owners of our business, and therefore share in the profits of the Co-operative. In addition to that, the business has developed strong operational capabilities over the years, and has the ability to respond to changes, coupled with a very competent and committed leadership team and staff.

4. What are you passionate about at iMas Insurance Brokers?
As mentioned, our existence evolves around providing financial advice to our clients in terms of protecting their assets, family and future, and what can give you more satisfaction than that? For me it is a great honor and privilege to lead a team with extreme commitment and pride in serving their customers, and that keeps me passionate about the business - making a difference.

5. Where do you see iMas Insurance Brokers in the next five years?
To be the financial advisor of choice for all members of the iMasFinance co-operative.

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