Profile expands its Partner Network in Europe and Asia

11 February 2019 Profile Software

Profile Software, an international Financial solutions provider, announced today that over the past year, it has significantly expanded its Global Partner Network with new partnerships to represent its solutions across Europe and Asia, servicing the banking and investment management industries.

Realising and investing in the growth of its established Partner Network, Profile has come to an agreement to locally support and deliver its award-winning platforms with firms in specific regions that also operate internationally. Namely, these include:

> ITC Infotech is a specialised global technology services provider, led by Business and Technology Consulting. They have international operations and among other industries, they focus on addressing critical business challenges for Banking, Finance and insurance sectors.

> Teamwill Consulting in France is a national leader of solutions dedicated to credit and specialised financing services. The company has more than 350 consultants and experts to support clients redefine their Front-to-Back processes, integrating the most innovative software platforms on finance and banking ranging from risk management, credit management to auto leasing. Profile has a long-standing experience in these fields developing and delivering flexible and innovative systems.

> JMR Infotech in Asia, is a leading provider of information technology and related services. They are committed to helping the world’s best companies build, run and grow their information technology landscape. They have presence in 5 continents, and they partner with Profile to deliver innovative, forward-thinking services of its Treasury platform.

> Big Four Consulting Firms and large Technology Organisations to offer an integrated approach to the needs of banking and investment management firms, meeting growing customer requirements.

Having mutually evaluated the beneficial value from these partnerships all companies strongly support Profile’s range of platforms, whilst Profile’s team have selected these firms based on their exceptional market performance over the years.

Profile Software is committed to delivering value-added products and services to the Financial Services firms that boost productivity and meet demanding needs to help them expand their services.

To view Profile Software’s Global Partner Network please visit our website here.

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