Prescient credited for its 27four BEE status and top-ranked investment performance

18 September 2019 Prescient

Prescient Investment Management (Pty) Ltd has achieved two significant milestones in its 21st anniversary year: it has been included in the 27four BEE Survey for the first time and it has been recognised by PlexCrown as the leading South African asset manager of actively managed unit trust funds.

Cheree Dyers, CEO of Prescient Investment Management, says: “These two achievements confirm our strong BEE credentials and consistent performance track record. I believe this positions us well to deliver on retirement fund trustee aspirations to support BEE, while achieving consistently superior returns for their members.”

Today Prescient Investment Management was included in the industry-leading 2019 27four BEE.conomics Transformation in South African asset management survey in recognition of its strong empowerment credentials and status as a large BEE investment manager in South Africa. This is not long after receiving industry recognition for the consistent performance of some of Prescient’s funds, which have delivered favourable returns consistently on behalf of clients.

Prescient came in as the second largest BEE asset manager, with R93.1 billion of the R579 billion managed by BEE fund managers represented in the Survey.

“We are delighted to be included in the 27four BEE Survey for the first time,” says Dyers. “It independently verifies our elevated empowerment credentials after investment holding company, Sithega Holdings (Pty) Ltd, became a significant shareholder and partner in the business in April.”

The deal places Prescient in a favourable position to transition to its next growth phase as an empowered, multi-national investment manager that consistently delivers performance ahead of expectations.

The well-regarded annual 27four BEE industry survey showcases the leading BEE asset managers and how they are changing the asset management environment for the better.

“As a leading BEE manager, we are wholeheartedly committed to offering our talent opportunities to flourish and stretch themselves in our team-based investment environment. We are in the privileged position of having a balance of experience and young dynamism in our investment team – the perfect recipe for navigating all market conditions and delivering consistent returns.”

In late July, Prescient was recognised in the Quarterly PlexCrown Fund Rating Survey as the leading South African asset manager of actively managed unit trust funds. The results of the PlexCrown Fund Rating Survey released at the end of July were based on risk-adjusted performance over five years, taking into account consistency of performance and the amount of risk a manager takes in achieving that performance during the second quarter of 2019.

Dyers says this acknowledgment is confirmation that Prescient’s team-based approach and core philosophy of capital preservation and the management of relative and absolute downside risk is still working and has been for more than two decades.

Since founded in 1998 as an entrepreneurial investment management company focused on managing interest-bearing and positive return mandates, Prescient has grown substantially into a highly regarded, full-spectrum investment management business.

It now offers a compelling multi-asset class capability, as well as access to new and diversified markets, such as China. Dyers says, “Prescient is also looking to explore opportunities in the alternative investment space as we enter our next growth phase.”

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