Local company Comotion partners with international reinsurance leader RGA

18 June 2019 Tjaart Esterhuyse, Managing Director at RGA South Africa and Tim Vieyra, Managing Director at Comotion Dash
Tjaart Esterhuyse, Managing Director at RGA South Africa

Tjaart Esterhuyse, Managing Director at RGA South Africa

Tim Vieyra, Managing Director at Comotion

Tim Vieyra, Managing Director at Comotion

As businesses are becoming savvier in the digital space, the financial services industry is making leaps and bounds to stay ahead of the competition by adopting innovative new technologies. Today, local tech company Comotion announced a partnership with RGA, the global life and health reinsurer, to integrate its data solution within the reinsurance leaders’ South Africa operations.

According to Comotion Managing Director, Tim Vieyra, “We are excited to be working with RGA and to further explore how Comotion Dash could help insurers around the world make better decisions off their data.”

Comotion Dash is a data insights and analytics platform that combines both scalable data storage and visualisation by unleashing the potential locked up in a company’s data. Transactional systems are important, while analytics systems gather insights out of the data that is generated, enabling businesses to become savvier in their practices. Vieyra believes there is currently a huge disconnect between these two worlds – one for which Comotion Dash provides the solution.

Managing Director of RGA South Africa Tjaart Esterhuyse envisions Comotion Dash enabling quicker decision making, as it allows the real-time tracking of the underlying performance of a portfolio of insurance products. “Through Comotion, we have found a platform that takes a standard data extract and presents it in a coherent manner quickly and efficiently,” said Esterhuyse.

Comotion Dash is unique in that the underlying technology is built using best-of-breed open-source software and cloud services, making the application cost effective, yet very efficient. The platform is not tied into a specific provider of software, therefore allowing more flexibility.

According to Esterhuyse, “We like Comotion’s approach — they don’t just follow the beaten path. They are curious and develop solutions that make sense from a cost and sustainability point of view. RGA has a legacy of innovation, and this approach works very well with our own ethos.”


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