Coffee, a new work from home offering is launched

09 October 2020 Auto & General Insurance

Six-months ago, at the start of lockdown, the majority of South Africans set up their workstations in their own homes in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. With the introduction of Lockdown Level 1, more of the workforce can now return to their respective offices, but will they?

“Remote working or hybrid office models is here to stay. The new normal will become ‘the normal’ even after the pandemic has subsided,” says Ricardo Coetzee, Head of Auto & General Insurance.

According to a survey by specialist management company Redflank, of the firms surveyed that currently have employees working at home; 87% say that employees can continue working from home. Similarly, in the US, 54% of adults want to work remotely most of the time after the pandemic, according to a new study from IBM.

“It makes sense that those working from home pay less for their vehicle insurance due to their reduced insurance risk,” says Coetzee.

Enter Coffee, Auto & General’s new offering that gives those working from home a better insurance premium.

“Coffee gives zoom-boomers working from home up to 20% off their comprehensive car insurance. This discount acknowledges the better insurance risk of those working from home – by driving less, their chances of being in an accident or having their car stolen reduces. The product does not require any telematics devices – just a statement from the policyholder regarding their intention to work from home,” says Coetzee.

Even though the risk of vehicle accidents has reduced, the risk of vehicle theft is omnipresent.

“Criminals and hijack syndicates are still a threat and their ‘business’ was not affected by lockdown restrictions. In fact, incidents of vehicle theft and hijackings remained constant over the past six-months, peaking in August. With this in mind, we encourage continued vigilance when it comes to home and car security. Criminals are also under increasing pressure to make ends meet and see the easing of restrictions as an opportunity to pounce,” says Coetzee.

Coffee is available to both new and existing policyholders.

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