Coface South Africa’s new partnership with Identity Partners

22 July 2019 Jacqui Jooste, CEO at Coface South Africa
Jacqui Jooste, (CEO at Coface South Africa) and Sonja De Bruyn  (Identity Capital Partners)

Jacqui Jooste, (CEO at Coface South Africa) and Sonja De Bruyn (Identity Capital Partners)

Coface South Africa signed a new partnership contract with Identity Capital Partners (Pty) Ltd, a Johannesburg-based black women-owned and managed investment firm, opening up a share of 25% of its capital to the B-BBEE Investment Holding Company.

Coface South Africa, the South African subsidiary of COFACE Group, signed a strategic partnership with Identity Capital Partners (Pty) Ltd. The partnership is a unique opportunity for Coface South Africa to affirm its commitment to Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B BBEE), while strengthening its local footprint and brand.

“The strategic partnership and BEE transaction with Identity Partners will improve the company’s attractiveness as an empowered service provider for our clients and partners and support our growth objectives. We are really excited about the new partnership with Identity Partners and are keen to leverage off the expertise that the company brings to the table”, Jacqui Jooste (CEO, Coface South Africa).

Coface South Africa’s focus on diversity and women empowerment has been a strategic imperative for a number of years. With the appointment of Sonja De Bruyn as a Non-executive Director, this partnership enables Coface South Africa to further diversify its Board of Directors and to strengthen its leadership team.

“We are delighted at the opportunity to partner with a global firm of the calibre of Coface. It is a real point of pride for us to be selected to partner with a multinational insurance company as their strategic BEE partner supporting their growth plans for the future. It was a particularly interesting transaction for us given that the leadership team of Coface South Africa is women led and this is very much a unique strength of the business given that strong financial services players are so key to driving the economy.”, Sonja De Bruyn (Identity Capital Partners)

Following the conclusion of this partnership and Coface South Africa’s additional focus on skills development, procurement and CSI, the company has been shortlisted as a finalist in the 7th Annual Gender Mainstreaming Awards in four categories, including Women on Boards. The award winners will be announced in September 2019. Coface South Africa won the award for Equal Representation and Participation in the Workplace in 2017.

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