Clientèle Rewards and app now available to Clientèle policyholders

17 January 2019 Clientèle

Clientèle Limited has officially announced the launch of Clientèle Rewards, an exciting new loyalty benefit for its loyal policyholders. Those with a Clientèle Policy can choose to benefit from grocery coupons, retail discounts and discounts on bus tickets with selected partners, which will be redeemable through Clientèle’s brand new App, Clientèle, for just R20 per month.

The Clientèle App itself is a first for the company and its policyholders and provides an easy platform to redeem Clientèle Rewards. The App also serves to both simplify the claim process and gives policyholders a platform to view their policies, premiums and payments, manage their policies 24 hours a day, and see their current Clientèle Rewards savings.

One of the main benefits of the App, is that once downloaded, it incurs no data costs on all major South African networks, so policyholders do not need to worry about data costs while using the App. Policyholders can also make use of easy login features where supported by their smartphones, through Fingerprint ID and Facial Recognition Technology.

The monthly rewards include grocery coupons on 50 products, valued at around R1,250 per month, for a small fee of only R20 per month! The rewards also refresh monthly, and policyholders can continue to redeem the same rewards more than once in the month (up to R1,250), as long as their premium for the policy and Clientèle Reward fee payments are up to date. In addition, there are specials that will be run from time to time which can be viewed in the Clientèle App.

Basil Reekie, Group Managing Director of Clientèle, is thrilled about the new App and Clientèle Rewards, noting, “Our philosophy is to treat our clients well, and so we are always looking at ways to not only improve our products, but to show clients that we care. We are excited to be able to provide more to our clients, bringing them loyalty benefits that they can use over and over again. Clientèle Rewards is our way of thanking our loyal policyholders.”

Clientèle Rewards partners include:
• Discount coupons redeemable from Checkers, Checkers Hyper and Shoprite on selected items at each store;
• 20% Discount on Greyhound bus tickets;
• 15% Discount on Citiliner bus tickets; and,
• 10% Discounts on Edcon gifts cards, which may be used at any Edcon store (e.g. Edgars, Jet and CNA)
To benefit from Clientèle Rewards, policyholders need to download the Clientèle App via the Google Play or Apple App store, register, sign-up for Clientèle Rewards, pay the monthly fee and prepare to enjoy significant savings.

Policyholders can look forward to additional rewards partners coming on board throughout the year and a rewards programme that adapts to the needs of its policyholders.



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