1Life launches new brand ad - reminding consumers that generational wealth is an inheritance worth considering

06 March 2023 1Life

‘Life changes. Give your loved ones a financial future they can look forward to.’

1Life Insurance, the leading direct life insurer, has launched its new brand advert aptly titled 'Your life will change when you realise that insurance can help you build generational wealth', which aims to look at life insurance through a different lens.

Through this initial dynamic 40 second ad, consumers are shown that building generational wealth can change the life of a beneficiary and that it’s an inheritance that can be felt and valued. 1Life takes life insurance brand advertising from a different perspective, moving away from the usual emotional play and turning it into something tangible.

“Long term insurance can be so intangible and oftentimes feels like a grudge purchase - even though the benefits are vast. As a brand we wanted to demonstrate the impact of long-term insurance, not just in covering a person’s life for the inevitable, but the power it has to enable consumers (through their families) to build generational wealth,” says Brina Biggs, Senior Manager at 1Life Insurance.

The narrative starts with a little girl and her father watching TV as he picks up the phone to contact 1Life Insurance and take out a life insurance policy. The ad displays the beautiful bond they share. Later, after her father passes away, we see the daughter calling 1Life to find out if he had left her anything - she says, "I just wanted to check if he left me something small." We then see her being overwhelmed with tears as the 1Life Insurance consultant tells her that her father had a R2 million sum assured policy – far more than she imagined. The advert closes off with the daughter's face beaming with hope, even amidst her grief, as she realises that while she must deal with the pain of losing her father, one thing she will not have to worry about is how she is going to make ‘ends meet’ as he has secured her financial future.

"The hard fact is that life changes. That's why we chose to showcase the beneficiaries of 1Life's Life Insurance pay-outs and what it could potentially mean to them, after losing their loved one."

"We also wanted to give current and potential policyholders a clear representation of the impact that their decision makes,” continues Biggs. "To remind them that they have it in their hands to change the lives of their loved ones, for the better, with something as simple as taking out a Life cover policy with 1Life Insurance – a seamless and convenient process as you can do it online, through our call centre or through a financial advisor.”

According to Ivan Johnson, Creative Partner at 3Verse the location choice were done for their realism. “We chose locations from within the community, which represents our market. Every shot was planned for, and well thought through, as we knew what we wanted to achieve – the right sentiment within the right setting.”

“Each ad delivers the same message from a different view; that Life Insurance is one way to build generational wealth that can change a beneficiary's life and allows for the possibility of building generational wealth,” adds Johnson.

"The driving thought process of these ads was to ensure we made life insurance tangible; as well as highlighting the impact it can have on a beneficiary's life - generational wealth we stand behind – and we look forward to securing many South African’s financial future," concludes Biggs.

To watch the latest 1Life brand advert click here.

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