Sachin Govender takes the helm of Fulcrum Premium Finance

17 April 2023 Fulcrum Premium Finance
Sachin Govender

Sachin Govender

The Fulcrum Group of companies, a foremost independent provider of financial services to the South African insurance industry, has recently promoted Sachin Govender to the role of managing director (MD) within its Premium Finance division.

Sachin, who joined the Fulcrum Group back in 2019 as its head of Finance and Risk, is delighted after almost four years to rise to the challenge of MD within Fulcrum Premium Finance.

He brings the qualifications of a Bachelor of Accounting Sciences (Hons), a Finance Modelling and Valuations Analyst (FMVA) certification, and a CA(SA) to the role, together with the experience he was able to amass during his four-and-a-half-year stint within a managerial role at one of the world’s top global audit and professional services firms.

“We are truly fortunate to have someone of Sachin’s professional calibre and reputational standing within SAICA to take over the leadership of the Premium Finance business,” enthused Steve Schnell, Fulcrum Group CEO, on Sachin’s promotion.

“In addition to a deep understanding of Fulcrum’s DNA, Sachin also offers an excellent combination of three impressive attributes: financial acumen, industry knowledge, and a passion for people.

“This is an exciting time for the Premium Finance division of Fulcrum, and we look forward to working with Sachin as he steers us into new and exciting business territory.”

Once settled into the role, Sachin’s primary function will be to direct and control all the operations of the Premium Finance department, which offers a funding mechanism that allows corporate and commercial clients to enjoy the benefits of annual insurance policies – without any upfront payments impacting on their cash-flow needs.

He will also be tasked with ensuring that the division achieves cutting-edge financial performance, by providing strategic guidance and thoughtful direction to its board and team members while keeping the overall Group’s financial vision, mission, and long-term goals firmly in mind.

Of his appointment, Sachin has commented: “Even though Fulcrum Premium Finance is already one of the largest independently owned and trusted providers of premium finance within the local marketplace, there are always greater heights that can be reached in the realms of client satisfaction and financial impetus.

“I look forward to devoting myself to these matters and am confident that FPF will be able to deliver the very next level of risk mitigation and liquidity preservation to its customers in the years ahead.”

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