Discovery Life gives clients more cover with CoverBooster

21 October 2011 Discovery Life

Discovery Life is giving new customers up to 32 percent extra life-cover, free, for three years. Clients will be able to buy this extra cover free of underwriting at a discounted rate of up to 15 percent, based on their Vitality status, after the initial three-year period.

According to Kenny Rabson, Deputy CEO of Discovery Life, “The positive impact of Vitality on mortality and morbidity is significant and it is in fact exceeding expectations, particularly in the first years of a policy’s lifetime. We have developed a special offer that directly reflects this positive impact, allowing policy-holders immediate access to additional life cover and the value Vitality offers - lifestyle rewards, an improved health status and more affordable premiums.”

Through Vitality, Discovery encourages healthy behaviour that reduces long-term healthcare costs by rewarding members for improving their health. It has been clinically proven that Vitality members have lower healthcare costs than non-members.

Discovery is considered one of the global leaders in the area of health and wellness and is held out as an example of a uniquely successful model in this regard. The Economist published an article on Friday, 08 October 2011 profiling Discovery as “A South African company that has some bright ideas for promoting health”; focusing on the Vitality programme, the article reflects the fact that the Vitality model is recognised as a pioneer in the fight of combating chronic diseases of lifestyle and rewarding people for living a healthier lifestyle.

Discovery Life is leveraging this unique business model and competitive advantage to offer its members discounted rates based on their level of engagement with the Vitality programme.

This offer is only available to new clients commencing from 1 November 2011 to 1 March 2012. Discovery says it will make a similar special offer available later in the year for existing Discovery Life clients.

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