Discovery Invest’s Capital 200+ is back to offer a minimum return of at least double your capital, if global markets return even as little as 1%

26 January 2015 Craig Sher, Discovery
Craig Sher, Head of Product Development at Discovery Invest.

Craig Sher, Head of Product Development at Discovery Invest.

Successfully launched in May of 2014, the Discovery Capital 200+ is reopening today, Monday, 26 February 2015 for a limited period.

For investors looking for equity exposure to the European and US markets, the Discovery Capital 200+ offering is a fixed-term five-year product investing in the Euro Stoxx 50 and S&P 500 indices. In positive or sideways markets, there is a minimum return of double of the original capital invested, with further upside should market performance exceed 100%, and there is full capital protection if markets are negative by up to 50%.

Launched by Discovery Invest, the Discovery Capital 200+ product offers some unique features for investors who remain fully invested for the five-year period. “These features are aimed at boosting investment returns while offering some capital protection in negative markets,” says Craig Sher, Head of Product Development at Discovery Invest.

Some of the product’s features mean that:

If the portfolio return is positive at the end of five years, an investor doubles the original capital investment made. This includes flat performance (if markets move sideways), or even if there is very limited positive performance.

If the Discovery Capital 200+ global portfolio return is higher than 100%, investors will not only double the capital they invested, but receive all the additional upside return as well.

There is also conditional downside protection. Should the global portfolio provide a negative return of up to 50% at the end of five years, 100% capital protection is provided for and the investor receives back full capital. So if an investor invested R1 million and the portfolio return is negative 40%, the investor receives back the R1 million original investment and capital remains intact. However, should the portfolio fall more than 50%, the investor would be exposed to the full downturn in the portfolio.

Sher indicates that the planned allocation of the portfolio is 70% to the Euro Stoxx 50 and 30% to the S&P 500 price indices. “Although the portfolio is based in these markets and invested in foreign indices, the product has been designed so there is no currency risk to the investor. If the Rand weakens or strengthens over the five year period, this does not impact on the final return of the Discovery Capital 200+.”

The portfolio returns do not include dividends as these distributions are rather utilised in providing the enhanced payouts and guarantees that the product offers at the end of its five-year maturity. Sher points out that there are no management fees within the structured product.“However, standard Discovery Invest administration fees apply, as would financial adviser fees if investors make use of financial planners.” Investments are made as a once off lump sum, with a minimum investment of R100 000, and the product offer closes on the 20th of March 2015 or earlier if capacity runs out.

Sher explains that for all benefits, protection and enhancements to apply, investors must remain fully invested for the five-year period. “However, we acknowledge that personal circumstances can change, and should an investor need to withdraw funds prematurely, they would receive back the market value of the underlying instruments at that particular time.”

“This product is highly suited to equity investors wanting some diversified offshore exposure into developed markets. There is the opportunity to double capital, with full upside potential should markets more than double their performance, as well as the benefits of conditional downside protection should markets become negative” says Sher.

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