Coronation communicates trust through iconic South African story

27 July 2012 Coronation

Coronation Fund Managers’ new television commercial, based on the remarkable true South African story of conservationist Lawrence Anthony as captured in his bestseller ‘The Elephant Whisperer’ will launch during the opening ceremony of the London 2012 O

The commercial can also be viewed on Coronation’s website,

Shot by award-winning director Robin Goode of Giant Films, the commercial recreates how in 1999 Anthony provided refuge on his Thula Thula game reserve to a herd of rogue elephants that were destined to be killed.

Against all odds, Anthony managed to rehabilitate the herd and ensure their safety and longevity at the reserve. At times he put his life at risk, but through his constant acts of humanity and perseverance won the trust, firstly of the matriarch Nana and, through her, the entire herd. “This remarkable demonstration of trust earned over time made the story a perfect fit for Coronation, a company that shares this ethos, and builds on their previous commercial based on the wonderful true-life story of Christian the Lion,” commented FoxP2 executive creative director Justin Gomes.

Says Coronation chief investment officer, Karl Leinberger: “When our agency (FoxP2) presented the idea of using Anthony’s story in our commercial I immediately identified with it, having read the book two years prior. It is, beyond doubt, a powerful story of how trust is earned over time, and what is more, it is a true South African story.”

Leinberger adds: “As a business we know very well the constant focus required in building and maintaining our clients’ trust. With the ongoing global economic crisis the relationship of trust continues to be tested as investors seek to protect their hard earned assets. For close to two decades, earning our clients’ trust through long-term wealth creation has been our number one priority.”

Sadly, some weeks prior to filming, Anthony passed away and so the commercial is told through the eyes and voice of his wife, Françoise Malby-Anthony, which adds another layer of emotion and authenticity to this remarkable story, says Gomes. The role of Lawrence is played by renowned South African actor-director Albert Maritz.

The elephants used in the commercial were with the full support of the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization, an independent, non-profit group founded by Anthony in 2003. During filming the welfare of the elephants was monitored by veterinarian Hamish Currie, a director of NGO Back To Africa. Coronation is a proud sponsor of both the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization and Back To Africa.

Perspectives of the story and the message that it communicates are available for download from Those who have been interviewed include Coronation CIO, Karl Leinberger, Lawrence’s wife, Françoise, and David Bozas, the game ranger who featured so prominently inthe book.


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