A new era at Constantia Insurance Company

14 July 2017 Myra Knoesen
Volker von Widdern.

Volker von Widdern.

Constantia Insurance Company Limited (CICL), established in 1952 and celebrating its 65th milestone, has always been a company of people who seek out new ways of doing things while not losing sight of the old.

Three things that set it apart

Living by the ethos “Insurance made personal”, there are three things that set Constantia Insurance apart from its competitors and continue to drive the business forward and these are:

Its people. As a service business, the company realised that it is the commitment, skills and vision of its people that sets it apart. The company boasts a highly experienced and innovative team that brings their deep embedded insurance knowledge to the market place.

The company also spends a considerable amount of effort ensuring its continued agility. Because of the pace at which business moves, only the most nimble companies stay ahead of the pack. Constantia Insurance keeps succeeding because it is able to swiftly develop unique services and tailor-made innovation.

Yet you can’t be nimble without strongly believing in simplicity. The company’s systems have been created with efficiency in mind. That means all its systems actually work, work fast and work well. This has been particularly important in the context of the insurance industry’s increasingly tight regulatory framework.

A key market player

Offering risk tailored solutions including commercial and personal products, Constantia Insurance believes that it will positively impact the insurance landscape of South Africa, as it establishes itself as a key market player.

Driving a service excellence that is supported by the vast experience of executive members and talented support staff, Chief Executive Officer, Volker von Widdern, says “We believe that we will be one of the leading providers of holistic, integrated and inclusive insurance and risk management solutions in each of our target sectors through innovative product design with our highly responsive and collaborative team.”

“A key factor in our success over this long period has been the focus and expertise developed in selected markets. Another factor in our success is having the capability to be responsive to changing business environments. We want to capitalise on our foundations in health, motor and property and guarantee sectors,” he continued.

“A recent highlight is the launch of EthiQal, the only South African based comprehensive professional indemnity solution for medical practitioners. In August, we are launching a unique cover package for SME's aligned to our trade mark for that sector - “keeping small business in business". We have designed a package of insurance and risk protection that minimises risks usually excluded from cover to SME's and we look forward to partnering with high calibre intermediaries based on uniquely structured mandates,” said von Widdern.

“Constantia Cares is another concept on the way. This aligns to our strap line “Insurance made personal". Our strategy focuses on the concerns and risks of our clients, so that we are seen to make a positive contribution,” he continued.

Constantia has also launched its first "Insuretech" platform called The Insurance Club (TIC). TIC has already been recognised by significant channel partners as a key enabler for their clients.

“Our investment in this concept illustrates our commitment to building new platforms that make insurance more accessible, improves service capability and provides clients with choices to align cover to specific needs,” continued von Widdern.

The company also has two more technology platforms underway and look forward to exciting developments in this area.

Filled with dreams

Constantia Insurance is celebrating 65 years young and looking forward to many exciting opportunities and innovations.

“Our 10 year picture is filled with dreams. We believe that we can be more than just an insurance product provider. We believe in an integrated approach to insurance and risk management which is applied throughout the value chain. This approach will add significantly more value than simply discounting premiums,” concluded von Widdern.


Added by Siyabulela Breeze Ndzala , 23 Sep 2018
Constantia insurance company is in partnership with WestSure Brokers/ Nzalo Insurance and Dynamic Thinking Insurance.This whole Umbrella body got me very inconvenienced and abused by the Panelbeater you authorised to fix my Car. I a. sitting here hurt and emotionally distressed.
Please Mr Volker von Widdern as Top Level Management i would like to inform you that i am one of your unhappy and abused clients, I want Constantia Insurance to investigate my case and come up with answers ASAP.
Name : Siya Ndzala
Policy : DAD006791
Claim : 12/17293
Cell : 0710897955

A guy called AVI SINGH 073 175 8076 from the Panelbeater took the Car i pay for and own by force. No written notice, just like that!
Their claim is about money you have not paid and every kind of money DUE ON my side is paid and up to date( Excess and Premiums)
I need my Car back, Please work on my case ASAP .
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