How we enable our partners’ success

02 July 2021 Constantia Insurance Company

Authentic, collaborative relationships with our business partners are the very foundation of our success. With a refreshed positioning to crystallise this partner-centric focus, our empowered, knowledgeable teams are driven by a powerful purpose: to enable our partners’ success.

And just how do we do this?

Heritage and trust
Our long history extends back to 1952 and, while we’ve seen many changes over this time, what has never changed is our commitment to establishing collaborative relationships with our business partners. Today, we have a national footprint and we are one of only a few insurance groups to have three insurance licenses: one for non-life and two for life. With our history, proven track record of success and an experienced, diverse team of talented insurance professionals, we are excited about the future. We will continue to work closely with our partners, and enable them by co-creating solutions and unlocking shared value.

Authentic relationships
After 70 years of running a business, we understand the value of authentic and transparent relationships. With a team of real, approachable people, driven by humility and empathy, we are committed to nurturing and developing these long-standing relationships, as they form the cornerstone of our success. We care deeply about our partners and their businesses, and we don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach but rather focus on the uniqueness of each partner. We are transparent and sincere in all our dealings and take great pride in building relationships, based on mutual trust, where we collaborate with our partners to enable them to grow their businesses sustainably.

Collaborative approach
With a vision to be each partner’s insurer of choice, we pay attention to all the details and fully immerse ourselves in our partners’ businesses. By first understanding their unique challenges, opportunities and company vision, we can then work closely and provide support through experienced teams and established processes, together with access to our preferred supplier network for our P&C partners. While we are agile, accessible and focused, we recognise that collaborative relationships form the foundation of our success and we work closely with our partners to unlock value for all stakeholders.

Co-creation and shared value
Because our partners’ success is our success, we strive to work together to co-create solutions and ensure that our partnerships thrive and deliver shared, sustainable value for all.

Our refreshed purpose is to enable our partners’ success. It’s what gets us up in the morning and what motivates us throughout the day. Each partner is important and their needs are unique, which is why collaboration and authentic relationships are fundamental. We enable our partners through our knowledgeable teams and diverse insurance product offerings, across personal, commercial, specialist, health, life and medical malpractice. In addition, we aim to enable each partner to be more visible and we support them with information in order to grow their businesses and networks.

With a redefined purpose and a new vision, mission and value proposition, Constantia’s commitment to each and every partner is to enable their success by co-creating and unlocking shared value. Always with a personal touch.

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