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04 May 2016 Jonjon Smit, CIB
Jonjon Smit, Director of Sales and Marketing at CIB.

Jonjon Smit, Director of Sales and Marketing at CIB.

CIB today launched a new website aimed at improving the user experience of its extensive broker network and their clients.

“The website has been extensively redesigned to support our 700-plus brokers by staying true to our promise of service excellence through quality underwriting and efficient claims handling,” says Jonjon Smit, Director of Sales and Marketing at CIB.

The redesign took five months to complete and has delivered a website that ‘speaks’ directly to CIB’s brokers and policyholders in a user-friendly manner. Navigation on the site has been greatly enhanced to ensure that important information is at the broker’s fingertips at all times.

A major differentiator in the insurance marketplace is the ease and efficiency with which brokers, administrators and insurers process claims. CIB has therefore focused on improvements to its online claims process and users can now access this facility by clicking on a permanent link on the website’s navigation bar.

CIB’s emergency numbers are also permanently visible in the bottom left corner of the screen in addition to being listed on the contact details page, making this number more visible to brokers and policyholders alike.

The site paves the way for a greater focus on commercial lines policies and CIB’s Vertex product which is aimed at high net worth (HNW) individuals without detracting from the firm’s strong personal lines offering. “Our brokers value their personal lines policyholders and continue to write business in that space, which has seen a 27 % top-line growth in the past 12 months,” says Smit.

Another of the benefits of the new website is that brokers can seamlessly navigate to each of CIB’s main product categories from the home page. A single mouse-click will direct the broker or his client to the VERTEX, personal, commercial, agricultural, building, engineering, franchise or fuel station product page. The information presented on each of the product pages is more concise than before and the product brochures are now available on the relevant page for easy access and download.

“We have also ensured that the various PDF forms used in our business – be they proposal forms, change of risk address forms or claims forms are accessible from a single location,” he says.

Technology is seen as a major enabler for the modern insurance broker and product houses have a responsibility to empower their brokers with cutting edge solutions. A major improvement following CIB’s website redesign is that the page layout is automatically adjusted to accommodate the size of the screen the users is viewing it on – so it displays perfectly on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. This is great news for brokers who can now assist their clients ‘on the fly’.

“With the new website in place all that remains for CIB to do is to stick with our ‘quality over quantity’ principles, strengthen relationships with both our brokers and policyholders and leverage the decades of experience in our management team,” concludes Smit.

“We will utilise technology to improve our service offering, but we will never let up on our main focus which is to achieve consistent growth for our shareholders by partnering with like-minded intermediaries who seek to provide superior service to our mutual clients.”

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