Centriq partners with Paradigm Risk

25 November 2010 Centriq Insurance
Martin Le Roux: Business  Head: Underwriting Managers at Centriq Insurance

Martin Le Roux: Business Head: Underwriting Managers at Centriq Insurance

Centriq Insurance has further entrenched their position in the market place by securing a partnership with Paradigm Risk Consultants, one of SA’s premier UMA’s…

Underwriting management agencies (UMA’s) play an important role in the insurance value chain, offering brokers and their clients streamlined access to insurance capacity, with the additional benefits of specialised technical skills, highly efficient service and a cost-effective outsourced model.

Harnessing these benefits inherent in the UMA model, Centriq has adopted a partnership approach to establish enduring, sustainable relationships with a rapidly growing stable of UMA partners. Hence, Centriq Insurance is proud to announce that Paradigm Risk Consultants, headed up by Niall Atherton, recently joined their stable of UMA partners.

“We are very excited about the partnership we have established with Paradigm Risk Consultants, which is a significant value-add to our already broad commercial and personal lines offering,” says Martin Le Roux: Business Head: Underwriting Managers at Centriq Insurance. He adds that the Centriq team is delighted to have an underwriter of Niall’s calibre in their midst. Paradigm Risk Consultants is widely known as one of the premier commercial underwriters in the market and through a proactive approach to managing its insurance books, the company has established an impeccable record over its 12-year history.

Leveraging impressive in-house expertise to structure the optimal arrangement for UMA’s, Centriq applies stringent selection criteria before partnering with a UMA. “Aside from being highly skilled and experienced in their selected target niches, our UMA partnerships are also based on sound underwriting to create long-term value, and a client-centric model centred on a philosophy of ethical, superior customer service. Paradigm Risk Consultants not only meets these stringent criteria, but we believe are well aligned with Centriq’s values. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with them,” adds Le Roux.

Niall Atherton, MD of Paradigm Risk Consultants, shares in Centriq’s excitement. “This partnership is undoubtedly the ideal foundation for the next exciting phase in Paradigm Risk Consultants’ growth and we are excited about the opportunities it unlocks for ourselves and for Centriq,” concludes Atherton.

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