Zurich Insurance South Africa and Lion of Africa Underwriting Management Company sign agreement to jointly serve the Corporate Insurance market

07 December 2015 Edwyn O’Neill, Zurich
Edwyn O’Neill, Chief Executive Officer at Zurich South Africa.

Edwyn O’Neill, Chief Executive Officer at Zurich South Africa.

Zurich Insurance Company South Africa Limited (“Zurich”) and Lion of Africa Underwriting Management Company Limited (“Lionsure UMA”) are pleased to announce that they have signed an agreement effective 1 January 2016.

Zurich, in terms of the agreement, extends underwriting to Lionsure UMA’s corporate insurance and municipal accounts across the private and public sector from 1 January 2016 and allows for the possibility of accessing new customers in the corporate and public sector insurance market.

“The combination of Zurich’s global capability and expertise within the corporate insurance market with that of Lionsure UMA’s unique and deep understanding of the South African public sector, will allow for both Zurich and Lionsure UMA to deliver a unique insurance solution that addresses the evolving risks facing both the private and public sectors in South Africa,” said Edwyn O’Neill, Chief Executive Officer at Zurich South Africa.

“The signing of this agreement with Zurich in terms of Lionsure UMA’s corporate business is the start of the next phase of our journey of renewal, reform and growth. We remain committed to developing and transforming the financial services sector and believe we can do this through distribution agreements like the one with Zurich,” said Iqbal Khan, Executive Director, Lion of Africa Insurance Company Limited.

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