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02 August 2022 Bryte
Anriëth Symon, Head of Travel at Bryte

Anriëth Symon, Head of Travel at Bryte

South Africa continues to see a significant increase in international travel, with international departures increasing by 147.3% between April 2021 and April 2022.

With the consequent increase in the demand for travel insurance, proactive insurance risk specialist, Bryte has launched a new transactional website focused on its travel insurance business. Bryte’s new website aims to address its clients' evolving needs and enhance its customer value proposition.

End-to-end support services
FAnews spoke to Anriëth Symon, Head of Travel at Bryte, about their new website and the support services it offers.

Why did you launch a travel website?

Bryte’s strategy is to invest in our digital and direct capabilities, providing flexible and innovative solutions. The recovery in tourism, complemented by a significant increase in international travel, will likely lead to a demand for travel insurance. Therefore, our travel website aligns with our goal of leveraging innovation to enhance our market position.

The new site, according to Symon, offers end-to-end support services from the point of sale through to the claims stage. Customers can:

• Obtain quotes and buy their travel insurance policies online;
• Submit a claim and provide all supporting documents;
• Review product information - if a client is unsure of what plan to select;
• Review FAQs; and
• Corporate clients can record their business trips online.

Tell us about the ease of access, how easy is it for clients to navigate the website?

Using the website is simple – from buying a policy to submitting your claim in quick, easy steps. We want to simplify and enhance the customer experience from sale to claim finalisation. Bryte Travel focuses on customer centricity, which is another way to ensure that our customers can do business with ease.

Wide range of plans and products
“Our new Bryte Travel website is informed by our goal to use a range of innovative platforms that connect customers more effectively and ensure optimal value for the product that they are looking for. We are continuously focused on creating effective solutions that can withstand the test of time by remaining relevant and responsive to the needs of the market,” said Symon.

“We offer a wide range of travel insurance plans, designed to suite the varying needs of travellers between the ages of 3 months and 89 years inclusive. Benefits include emergency medical and related expenses, cover for infectious and contagious diseases, 24-hour assistance while abroad, cancellation, theft or loss of baggage, travel delay, missed connection, air space closure and more,” added Symon.

Anything else you would like to add on the products on offer or products that will be offered in the future?

A more tailored approach
This development is aligned with Bryte’s efforts to identify intelligent methods that enhance data gathering and analytics capabilities, enabling it to adopt a more tailored approach to supporting each customer.

Bryte Travel offers comprehensive insurance for unforeseeable and unexpected incidents that may affect a client’s trip.

Your final word to brokers?
We are grateful for the support our partners provide our customers and for the collaboration with our teams. We value our broker partners, and this website is a way for us to create a more agile approach to doing business together.

This tool is available as a white label option to all our registered brokers who want to enhance their offering, engage with their client’s needs holistically and ensure they offer the best options available.

With the wide range of online solutions, we still provide call centre assistance for anyone who feels more comfortable discussing their travel requirements “in person”. Our agents are available to ensure you have the best cover available for your client’s upcoming trip.

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