A partnership that embodies loyalty and the spirit of our industry

21 October 2021 Bryte Insurance

In an age of rapid change, loyal business partnerships that stand the test of time are a rarity. So any partnership that has not just withstood and also flourished over eight decades is truly inspiring – and something worth celebrating–particularly one within our industry.

Testament to their unwavering commitment to people and maintaining resilient relationships, Bryte Insurance and the Larry Marcus business recently celebrated such a feat. These businesses can proudly boast one of the longest, active family business and insurer partnerships in global history. Speaking on this milestone, Edwyn O’Neill, CEO at Bryte said: “Building enduring relationships involves a sincere commitment – not just from business leaders but also every employee. It takes dedication, effective communication, consideration and mutual respect.

He added: “We couldn’t have asked for a better partner or more loyal brand advocate than Larry and his team. We remain grateful for their can-do attitude, solutions-oriented approach and deep passion for customer and partner service excellence.

Such is the depth of this partnership that in 2014, the Zurich Group (Bryte’s shareholder at the time) presented Larry Marcus with the special Global Tied Agent award – the only one ever bestowed to a South African partner. It may come as no surprise that the motto driving the many successes the Marcus family business continues to achieve is fuelled by a desire to ensure meaningful outcomes and empower their clients every step of the way.

The proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”, resonates strongly with both businesses. Speaking on the historic association, which was initiated by Larry’s father – industry doyen Lionel Marcus, Larry Marcus expressed, “Our shared sensibilities around consistent customer value creation is what has deepened the connections between our businesses. I love and cherish the camaraderie with Bryte, but more so, the tremendous support they always provide. I am also very grateful for the faith and trust bestowed on us to always act with sincerity, honesty and integrity in assisting our common clients.

We wish Bryte and the Marcus family businesses another 80 fruitful years of inspiring partnership – at the very least.

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