Bestmed improves its service delivery with an exciting recognition programme

28 February 2014 Bestmed

Rewards & Recognition – Bestmed improves its service delivery with an exciting recognition programme aimed at strengthening employee engagement.

Bestmed launches its 2014 PaceSetter+ recognition programme as second tier of their bigger Reward & Recognition Programme for employees.
The concept of ‘gamification’ in the corporate environment is observed with greater interest and although fairly new in South Africa, has been yielding great success abroad. Companies like Nike, Volkswagen, and L’Oreal have been using it for years. Gartner Research Projects believes that by 2014, more than 70% of Forbes Global 2000 organisations will have at least one game-based application, and by 2015, half of all companies that manage innovation processes will have ‘gamified’ them.
Locally one of the first organisations to deploy gamification is one of the country’s largest Medical Schemes, Bestmed. According to CEO Dries la Grange, Bestmed has a proud history of superior service delivery and knows that by investing internally on fun ways to recognise and applaud good employees performance and behaviours, they will achieve bigger Client Intimacy and a positive impact on their members. Bestmed has contracted the South African developed HR software solution, S|CUBED to assist them with a technology engine that can support the Medical Scheme’s drive for Service Excellence and added value for their end-users, being the members of Bestmed.
The first objective is to support employees to recognise and appreciate one another for living out the scheme’s values by displaying the appropriate behaviours and consistently getting it right!
A fun system of awarding badges and accolades was developed and integrated with the S|CUBED HR technology platform. A complex system of algorithms and workflows at the back-end makes the front-end application user-friendly and fun to use.
PBS CEO Gerrit Stimie commented that S|CUBED was delighted to assist Bestmed with this project and that Gamification is an important concept in their drive to help clients achieve greater results through people. His favourite example is Foldit; a game that scientists from the University of Washington in Seattle developed to help them better understand the structuring of proteins in different circumstances. The game was taken public and between the 240 000 registered players, a problem that kept scientists stumped for 15 years was solved within three months.
Bestmed’s ultimate goal with this creative programme is to expose its members to even better and more rewarding client contacts.

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