Hugh Masekela cancels all his immediate appearances and performances, but the Assupol Hugh Masekela Heritage Festival will go ahead as planned

12 October 2017 Assupol

Hugh Masekela announced on Thursday 5 October that he will be cancelling all his immediate appearances to focus his time and energy on his fight against cancer.

Assupol sends its support to Bra Hugh and his family during this difficult time.  “We are fully behind Bra Hugh and his decision. He is extremely valuable to Assupol and we support his decision and pray for a full recovery” said the Assupol Life CEO Bridget Mokwena-Halala. Hugh Masekela has been the brand ambassador for Assupol since 2013, and in 2014 the Hugh Masekela Foundation partnered with Assupol to host the annual Assupol Hugh Masekela Heritage Festival to uplift the community of Soweto. This year would mark the fourth year of the event and as usual Bra Hugh would have been the headlining act.

Despite the news that Bra Hugh has cancelled all his public and professional appearances, in support of Bra Hugh and his passion for the community in which he grew up, the annual Assupol Hugh Masekela Heritage Festival, hosted for the benefit of the Hugh Masekela Foundation, will carry on as planned on 4 November 2017. This is to honour Bra Hugh and to show support for him at this difficult time. Assupol wants to encourage people from around Gauteng, and if possible the country, to come to the festival in support of Bra Hugh.

“Bra Hugh is of a very strong will, and we are confident that he will emerge from this fight as strong as ever” commented Celest van Niekerk, the Assupol Marketing Manager, who is also heavily involved in the planning of the Hugh Masekela Heritage Festival together with the Hugh Masekela Foundation and Semopa Productions.

Mokwena-Halala also said “Assupol wants to echo Bra Hugh’s call to action by encouraging all men to get tested for prostate cancer, and women to similarly get tested for breast cancer. Do not take it lightly, early detection could save your life.”

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