Absa Investments ad campaign to help post-meltdown advisers

05 July 2011 Absa Investments

Advisers up against tough trading conditions and cynical consumers can expect big support from Absa Investments in coming months, courtesy of a multi-media communication campaign designed for the post-meltdown market.

The most visible element, the first ever television commercial from Absa Investments, aired in early June and complements radio, outdoor, print, online and even on-flight elements on Mango Airlines.

Jaundiced consumer perceptions of the financial services sector since the financial crisis of 2008 create additional marketing challenges for intermediaries, says Alan Miller, Managing Executive of Absa Investments.

“Product and service providers can’t simply leave advisers to deal with this on their own,” he adds. “New connections have to be created with consumers and Absa Investments is determined to give a lead through communication that speaks to clients without pretending to offer pie-in-the-sky solutions.

“By putting investing on a do-able and accessible footing, we believe we can help advisers build empathy with retail clients. Even at an institutional level it is important to demonstrate that we have realised that flashy is out and prudence with other people’s money is absolutely essential.”

“That’s always been our position, so we think we and our advisers have a head-start in a much-changed marketplace.”

The ads’ pay-off line is also a call to action … “You’d be surprised what you can accomplish when you start with what you’ve got.”

The target audience is the ‘grounded investor’ looking for an investment house that delivers longevity and solidity.

Though TV advertising is new for Absa Investments, the multi-media strategy builds on their longstanding positioning as a value investor focused on the long term.

The you-can-do-it investment proposition is showcased by a scenario showing a chip-chomping viewer absorbed by coverage of the Tour de France who decides it’s time to get back into shape and back on his old bike.

That fundamental decision – to become a participant– gets him up and out there (a chance to feature beautiful South Africa scenery and illustrate love of Absa Investment’s home market).

The underlying thought is compelling: no one but you can decide to make a start with a proper investment plan, but once you do, there are vehicles for getting you where you want to go.

“It’s not a flashy message, but it is a strong one,” says Miller. “We believe it will resonate with many South Africans and help intermediaries who hope to get consumers off the sidelines.”

* The campaign runs until the end of October, takes a break, then re-starts in early 2012. Creative work comes from Absa Group ad agency, Jupiter Drawing Room. Jump is the TV production house.

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