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There are increased calls for personalised insurance products. Can this be a reality in South Africa?

Ran from 28 Oct 2015 to 11 Nov 2015

Do you feel initiatives such as The Insurance Apprentice has a role to play in attracting industry skills?

Ran from 20 Oct 2015 to 27 Oct 2015

There is a significant skills shortage in the industry. What is the best way to address this?

Ran from 23 Sep 2015 to 19 Oct 2015

You client needs to cut costs. What is the first type of product that is likely to be dropped?

Ran from 08 Sep 2015 to 23 Sep 2015

Is there still a mindset in the industry that insurance is sold and not bought?

Ran from 31 Aug 2015 to 30 Sep 2015

What is your general view of the insurance industry?

Ran from 13 Aug 2015 to 30 Aug 2015

Will the new amendments to the Medical Schemes Act (Regulation 8) regarding PMBs benefit the industry?

Ran from 31 Jul 2015 to 12 Aug 2015

Outsurance recently had a bad day in court over non-disclosure (Jerrier v OUTsurance Is there a fine line in material non-disclosure or is it pretty clear cut?

Ran from 14 Jul 2015 to 12 Aug 2015

97% of IFAs feel the FSB should do more to monitor unregulated scheme. The new view of “if it looks like a financial services product and smells like a financial services product, it will be regulated as a financial services product” will address this. Bu

Ran from 26 Jun 2015 to 31 Jul 2015

Were the winners of the #FIAAwards2015 what you expected?

Ran from 09 Jun 2015 to 25 Jun 2015
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