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Outsurance recently had a bad day in court over non-disclosure (Jerrier v OUTsurance Is there a fine line in material non-disclosure or is it pretty clear cut?

Ran from 14 Jul 2015 to 12 Aug 2015

97% of IFAs feel the FSB should do more to monitor unregulated scheme. The new view of “if it looks like a financial services product and smells like a financial services product, it will be regulated as a financial services product” will address this. Bu

Ran from 26 Jun 2015 to 31 Jul 2015

Were the winners of the #FIAAwards2015 what you expected?

Ran from 09 Jun 2015 to 25 Jun 2015

Sedick Isaacs pointed out that fraud in the motor sector is costing SA between R4 billion and R5 billion a year. Have you seen rampant levels of fraud in the motor industry?

Ran from 20 May 2015 to 08 Jun 2015

At the ASISA Conference, Jan Mahlangu (Retirement Funds Coordinator of COSATU) asked the FSB to reduce the costs of running a retirement fund. This will reduce the burden on the public. Do you feel that the cost of running retirement funds is unnecessaril

Ran from 11 May 2015 to 19 May 2015

We recently did an article on the importance of disability cover. Do you think that the disability insurance gap in South Africa is overstated?

Ran from 23 Apr 2015 to 10 May 2015

Corporate governance reform has taken on new urgency around the world. Do you feel it is more onerous in South Africa?

Ran from 08 Apr 2015 to 10 May 2015

Which of the six candidate do you think will be crowned the winner of The Insurance Apprentice 2015?

Ran from 18 Mar 2015 to 07 Apr 2015

Do you think government was being fair when it raised Personal Income Tax Levels?

Ran from 04 Mar 2015 to 31 Mar 2015

Do you think government would be justified to increase VAT rates?

Ran from 19 Feb 2015 to 03 Mar 2015
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