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The recent announcement of the delay of the FSR Bill is:

Ran from 09 Jun 2016 to 30 Jun 2016

Having certain binder fees capped at 2% of the net worth of the gross underwriten premium is :

Ran from 18 May 2016 to 08 Jun 2016

Do you think its possible to eliminate all conflicts of interest in the financial services industry?

Ran from 12 Apr 2016 to 17 May 2016

Who would you like to see as the winner of The Insurance Apprentice 2016?

Ran from 15 Mar 2016 to 12 Apr 2016

How can the industry improve?

Ran from 23 Feb 2016 to 14 Mar 2016

Do you feel that advisers are soft targets at times that when clients aren’t happy with their product, they blame their adviser.

Ran from 08 Feb 2016 to 25 Feb 2016

As we head into 2016, we would like to find out what issues you the broker would like more coverage of or seminars of:

Ran from 11 Dec 2015 to 25 Jan 2016

Is the industry becoming increasingly challenging for advisers?

Ran from 23 Nov 2015 to 10 Dec 2015

The FSB's "Status Update: Retail Distribution Review Phase 1" is available for comment. Will you take the time to read it and submit comment?

Ran from 12 Nov 2015 to 22 Nov 2015

There are increased calls for personalised insurance products. Can this be a reality in South Africa?

Ran from 28 Oct 2015 to 11 Nov 2015
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