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The offshore versus onshore debate has raged for decades. What portion of your clients’ discretionary ‘risk on’ capital would you consider investing in offshore equities?

Ran from 12 May 2021 to 18 May 2021

Financial behaviour experts suggest that today’s risk modelling methodologies ignore your client’s emotional ability / behavioural capacity. What are your thoughts on spicing up risk profiling tools to make allowance for your client’s financial behaviours

Ran from 29 Apr 2021 to 11 May 2021

Covid-19 may decelerate certain industry trends. What are we likely to see?

Ran from 28 Apr 2021 to 28 Apr 2021

A resurgence in commodity prices and global focus on infrastructure investment could signal a few good years for South African equities. Against this backdrop, how much of an investor’s equity portfolio should be held offshore?

Ran from 19 Apr 2021 to 27 Apr 2021

Covid-19 may accelerate certain industry trends. What are we likely to see?

Ran from 11 Apr 2021 to 18 Apr 2021

Do you believe scenario development and planning is an indispensable tool for the industry?

Ran from 31 Mar 2021 to 10 Apr 2021

Which key issue could have a significant impact on your business in 2021?

Ran from 23 Mar 2021 to 31 Mar 2021

The Budget Speech 2021...

Ran from 25 Feb 2021 to 15 Mar 2021

Who has paid the biggest price for regulation/legislation?

Ran from 18 Feb 2021 to 24 Feb 2021

The Tax Administration Laws Amendment Act No. 24 of 2020 (TALAA) criminalises taxpayers for something called negligent non-compliance. What are your views on changes that give the tax authority power to fine or imprison otherwise law abiding citizens?

Ran from 09 Feb 2021 to 17 Feb 2021
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