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The regulators recently announced the introduction of a super ombudsman to streamline consumer complaints against financial services providers FSPs. Will this additional supervisory layer result in better complaints resolution outcomes?

Ran from 20 Jul 2021 to 21 Jul 2021

Are you concerned about the insurance industry’s (including Sasria’s) capacity to administer, assess and pay-out unrest-related claims?

Ran from 15 Jul 2021 to 19 Jul 2021

The reinsurance market continues to harden…

Ran from 07 Jul 2021 to 14 Jul 2021

The agriculture sector is an important contributor to SA’s annual GDP and as such creates countless opportunities for brokers to sell commercial insurance covers. What is your current position on selling commercial Agri-insurance solutions?

Ran from 29 Jun 2021 to 06 Jul 2021

The biggest changes brought by COVID-19 were that of servicing clients and meeting the changing and increasing customer expectations, while providing a satisfactory customer experience. Do you think…

Ran from 24 Jun 2021 to 28 Jun 2021

Asset managers are increasingly saying that impact / sustainable investing strategies will deliver better risk-adjusted returns for your clients over the long-term. How do you respond?

Ran from 21 Jun 2021 to 23 Jun 2021

The next year or two will continue to be a turbulent one with regards to regulatory change. Do you think…

Ran from 17 Jun 2021 to 20 Jun 2021

The industry has been there for people, in their time of need, and advisers have adapted well to the changes. Do you agree?

Ran from 03 Jun 2021 to 16 Jun 2021

Are you in broad agreement with Momentum’s shift from an adviser-centric to an advice-led financial planning and business model?

Ran from 26 May 2021 to 13 Jun 2021

Have you considered going the more flexible blended annuity route, or are you comfortable with the alternative of investing in both life and living annuities at retirement?

Ran from 19 May 2021 to 25 May 2021
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