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FACareers Survey: For what reason would you consider leaving your current employer?

Ran from 28 Jul 2006 to 28 Aug 2006

Who, do you think, is responsible for consumer education?

Ran from 14 Jul 2006 to 14 Aug 2006

Read the Estate Plans of our ten finalists on the Website under Competition (Utility menu). Now you can vote for the best Estate Plan.

Ran from 04 Jul 2006 to 04 Aug 2006

Do you fully understand smoothed bonus products?

Ran from 21 Jun 2006 to 21 Jul 2006

Churning is a reality. How many clients have you lost as a result of churning?

Ran from 14 Jun 2006 to 14 Jul 2006

Do you believe that the FSB provides preferential treatment to larger conglomerates?

Ran from 05 Jun 2006 to 05 Jul 2006

Do you as a broker believe that in the event of an Ombud ruling against you, you have enough cover (PI) to deal with the calamity?

Ran from 23 May 2006 to 23 Jun 2006

There are cases where vehicles fitted with a tracking device has not been recovered. In the majority of your cases, the non recovered cars came from:

Ran from 15 May 2006 to 15 Jun 2006

Gee asseblief u mening! Wat is die voorkeurtaal waarin u die daaglikse nuusbrief sal wil ontvang?

Ran from 04 May 2006 to 04 Jun 2006

It is a known fact that banking institutions overseas charge less bank fees. Do you feel that your bank fees / charges substantiate the level of service you receive?

Ran from 25 Apr 2006 to 25 May 2006
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