Other Polls

Financial scams & pyramid schemes: Do you think we need more consumer education or tougher prosecution or both?

Ran from 15 Oct 2007 to 30 Oct 2007

Short-term brokers : Rate the service you receive from your Insurers with regards to claims handling

Ran from 12 Oct 2007 to 26 Oct 2007

Do we place too much faith in the value of our primary residence in determining our net worth?

Ran from 01 Oct 2007 to 01 Nov 2007

Do you think there is a requirement to level the pension playing field and pay men and women at the same age?

Ran from 11 Sep 2007 to 11 Oct 2007

Do you think that the merger between SAFSIA and the IBC will be beneficial to the brokers?

Ran from 30 Aug 2007 to 30 Sep 2007

Do you believe that the reduction in yield number provided with insurance quotations is an adequate measure to recommend one product over another?

Ran from 22 Aug 2007 to 22 Sep 2007

"Correctness" of states has once again come under the lime light. The financial industry relies heavily upon stats Do you believe that stats assist the industry to make informed decisions?

Ran from 15 Aug 2007 to 15 Sep 2007

If you had a choice between placing your retirement money in a national fund or a private fund, where would you place your money?

Ran from 08 Aug 2007 to 08 Sep 2007

There have been a number of indications that government will implement a mandatory contribution to a national social security scheme. Does government have a moral obligation to force people to save for retirement?

Ran from 02 Aug 2007 to 02 Sep 2007

The LOA has announced that life insurance companies will do away with the expected maturity values on policy quotations and documents with effect early next year. Do you think expected maturity values should be abolished?

Ran from 25 Jul 2007 to 25 Aug 2007
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