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Do you think that government?s shift from a social-based healthcare solution to National Health Insurance is the right way to go?

Ran from 10 Sep 2008 to 16 Sep 2008

An un-audited survey confirms that the short-term underwriting margin is in a downward trend. Do you think this industry is in danger of experiencing a period of negative underwriting margins?

Ran from 09 Sep 2008 to 09 Sep 2008

Changing bank accounts is not easy: If it were, would you change and why?

Ran from 20 Aug 2008 to 20 Sep 2008

Do you think the Mutual & Federal restructure and decision to cancel group schemes will halt the decline in profit?

Ran from 06 Aug 2008 to 19 Aug 2008

The pressure is on for companies to comply with employment equity and other black economic empowerment legislation. Do you think the trade union demand to up direct black ownership in financial companies from 10% to 15% is fair?

Ran from 01 Aug 2008 to 05 Aug 2008

Have you recommended the Fundisa Fund to any of your clients?

Ran from 21 Jul 2008 to 31 Jul 2008

Do you believe that the life and investment industries are better off with a single representative body?

Ran from 01 Jul 2008 to 20 Jul 2008

Do you think commissions and payments in the medical schemes environment should be regulated further?

Ran from 29 Jun 2008 to 30 Jun 2008

Is your practice ready for the income challenges posed by changing commission regulations?

Ran from 18 Jun 2008 to 18 Jul 2008

Pension fund administrators facilitating home loans: Is there a call for pension and retirement fund administration to become non-profit organisations?

Ran from 09 Jun 2008 to 17 Jun 2008
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