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The latest FAIS Ombud Ruling against Sanlam refers. Do you agree with the ruling?

Ran from 08 Apr 2008 to 21 Apr 2008

Do you think a reduction in early termination penalties will have a negative impact on savings?

Ran from 25 Mar 2008 to 07 Apr 2008

Do you think collective investment products will take over from traditional retirement annuity products as the life industry commission changes are implemented?

Ran from 13 Mar 2008 to 24 Mar 2008

Draft regulations dealing with commission structures and minimum protection for contractual savings products in the life insurance industry has been released: Do you think the draft regulations will impact on your practice?

Ran from 03 Mar 2008 to 12 Mar 2008

A recent FAIS Ombud case in which a complainant tried to ?sue? a financial adviser for not putting adequate insurance policies in place refers. Do you pay enough attention to your client?s insurance cover during the financial planning process?

Ran from 15 Feb 2008 to 15 Mar 2008

The recent FAIS determination refers: Does upfront disclosure of investment fees make it difficult to sell financial investments?

Ran from 11 Feb 2008 to 02 Mar 2008

Your compliance practices only come under scrutiny when an unhappy customer lodges a formal compliant. Will your compliance practices withstand such a test?

Ran from 24 Jan 2008 to 24 Feb 2008

The Department of Health seems intent on harnessing the private sector to provide affordable healthcare for all. Is government too focussed on using private sector health infrastructure to prop up inefficiencies in the public sector?

Ran from 15 Jan 2008 to 24 Jan 2008

Do you believe investors will be satisfied with the returns from bonds and cash given the huge equity market returns they have become accustomed to?

Ran from 06 Dec 2007 to 06 Feb 2008

Stats SA has revised its economic growth forecast upwards to 5.4% - Do you think the Stats SA GDP numbers reflect the economic situation in SA at present?

Ran from 28 Nov 2007 to 06 Dec 2007
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