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Do consumers know which ombudsman to approach when they run into difficulty with a financial services provider?

Ran from 22 Oct 2008 to 23 Nov 2008

The short-term industry knows that two important items will go to regulation next year and that the window period for comment will be extremely short. Will the short-term industry be ready to engage regulators next year?

Ran from 13 Oct 2008 to 21 Oct 2008

In your experience, have financial advisers been able to influence the various legislative changes to the financial services industry?

Ran from 02 Oct 2008 to 12 Oct 2008

Do you think the two-way distribution channel consisting of marketing agent and independent advisor will reduce expenses in the medical aid environment?

Ran from 29 Sep 2008 to 01 Oct 2008

Do you think local financial services companies have seen the last of the US credit crisis?

Ran from 23 Sep 2008 to 23 Oct 2008

The FirstRand results released highlighted Momentum Holding as the 'jewel' in the FirstRand stable: Why do you think Momentum insurance has done so well?

Ran from 17 Sep 2008 to 22 Sep 2008

Do you think that government?s shift from a social-based healthcare solution to National Health Insurance is the right way to go?

Ran from 10 Sep 2008 to 16 Sep 2008

An un-audited survey confirms that the short-term underwriting margin is in a downward trend. Do you think this industry is in danger of experiencing a period of negative underwriting margins?

Ran from 09 Sep 2008 to 09 Sep 2008

Changing bank accounts is not easy: If it were, would you change and why?

Ran from 20 Aug 2008 to 20 Sep 2008

Do you think the Mutual & Federal restructure and decision to cancel group schemes will halt the decline in profit?

Ran from 06 Aug 2008 to 19 Aug 2008
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