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Is the commission procurement rule introduced via clause 5.14 of the Amended Financial Services Sector Code (AFSSC) an important piece of the transformation puzzle?

Ran from 29 Sep 2020 to 11 Oct 2020

The intention with lockdown was to delay or flatten the Covid-19 infection curve and give both the private and public healthcare sectors time to prepare for the inevitable onslaught. Did the strategy work?

Ran from 15 Sep 2020 to 28 Sep 2020

The debate around prescribed assets seems more intense whenever government runs into debt troubles. The question is whether you, as a financial adviser, would be comfortable with prescribed assets for your clients?

Ran from 30 Aug 2020 to 14 Sep 2020

Many legacy RAs allow an insurer to take up to 30% of the accumulated capital upon early exit. “This is just one of countless examples of shocking product design that is 100% engineered by insurers to extract punitive fees from clients...".

Ran from 04 Aug 2020 to 30 Aug 2020

Business Interruption COVID-19 relief payments: What are your thoughts about the latest initiative by insurers to make ‘no strings attached’ relief payments to their worst-affected qualifying policyholders?

Ran from 29 Jul 2020 to 03 Aug 2020

Can we really afford to ring-fence this cash for retirement when we have real 'life and death' money issues in the present? Should retirement fund assets be more accessible to members?

Ran from 09 Jul 2020 to 28 Jul 2020

Brokers are frequently credited with ‘going to war’ for their clients at claims stage. Brokers will push the insurer to get an equitable and fair outcome. Is this still the case today, or do you find that insurers are pushing back too?

Ran from 23 Jun 2020 to 22 Jul 2020

Alexander Forbes painted a grim picture for African economies existing the global pandemic. They point to rising debt levels and lasting effects on GDP growth trajectories. Do you believe it will get worse?

Ran from 03 Jun 2020 to 22 Jun 2020

Business interruption (BI) is a complex cover type that presents many challenges for short term brokers and their clients. Do you believe that a national lockdown should trigger a BI claim?

Ran from 14 May 2020 to 03 Jun 2020

SA’s large short-term insurers are painfully aware of the financial impact of the nationwide COVID19 lockdown. Are you happy with the assistance offered by your main insurance partners to your clients (their policyholders) to date?

Ran from 11 May 2020 to 13 May 2020
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