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The hardening insurance market has resulted in some steep increases in brokers’ PI cover, with the results that many are finding this regulated cover becoming increasingly unaffordable. What was your experience at your latest PI cover renewal?

Ran from 12 Oct 2021 to 31 Oct 2021

POPI and data… what are your concerns?

Ran from 07 Oct 2021 to 11 Oct 2021

The continued regulatory push towards wider access to financial advice could result in South Africa facing a severe shortages of qualified financial advice and financial planning professionals.

Ran from 28 Sep 2021 to 06 Oct 2021

South Africa’s Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) has the power to raise revenues by issuing administrative penalties and fines against non-compliant financial services providers, with this money flowing back to the Treasury… Does this, in your view, create a regulatory / government conflict of interest?

Ran from 21 Sep 2021 to 27 Sep 2021

As National Treasury mulls a two-bucket retirement system, mandatory contributions and preservation, regulation 28 is being amended to allow up to 40% of retirement fund assets to be invested in SA-based infrastructure… Which of the following retirement fund ‘tweaks’ would you consider most beneficial to your clients?

Ran from 06 Sep 2021 to 20 Sep 2021

The sense we got after paging through the 2021 Old Mutual Savings & Investment Monitor survey is that financial and risk advisers are fishing in a smaller pond. How do you keep your financial practice’s nets full as the potential client universe shrinks?

Ran from 26 Aug 2021 to 05 Sep 2021

Treasury is mulling a two-bucket retirement savings system that will see the funds in one bucket remain untouched and the funds in the other being available for emergencies. Is this sensible in a country where most savers fail to save enough?

Ran from 24 Aug 2021 to 25 Aug 2021

Small businesses are just about ready to throw in the towel. In the 19-months to July 2021 they have endured pandemic, lockdown, civil commotion and now, a debilitating cyberattack on Transnet. How would you describe your SMME clients’ emotional state?

Ran from 04 Aug 2021 to 23 Aug 2021

Healthcare brokers have long complained about inflation-plus medical scheme contribution increases; but pandemic may have changed things. What will pandemic-induced changes in hospital utilisation do to medical scheme contribution increase patterns?

Ran from 28 Jul 2021 to 03 Aug 2021

Every single customer touchpoint matters. Dissatisfaction stems from:

Ran from 22 Jul 2021 to 27 Jul 2021
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