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Have you decided to curtail your spending over the festive season?

Ran from 19 Nov 2009 to 24 Nov 2009

Market turmoil or not, equities provide the most consistent long-term investment returns. Yet SA investors prefer ?risk free? cash alternatives afforded by money market and fixed interests unit trusts. Do you think the average SA investor is too exposed?

Ran from 17 Nov 2009 to 18 Nov 2009

FAIS Regulatory I and II exams: Are you prepared?

Ran from 10 Nov 2009 to 16 Nov 2009

Are you servicing consumers in LSM 1 to 5? If so, what percentage of your new business written does it make up?

Ran from 02 Nov 2009 to 10 Nov 2009

The FAIS Ombudsman has issued determinations in a number of cases relating to Leaderguard Spot Forex, mostly for the complainant. In this case he found the choice of product was inappropriate for the complainants? risk profile. Do you agree with the Ombud

Ran from 20 Oct 2009 to 20 Nov 2009

Should asset managers be more confident than their insurance and investment bank peers?

Ran from 15 Oct 2009 to 19 Oct 2009

Do you believe financial intermediaries still complete (and sign) documentation without their client?s knowledge?

Ran from 28 Sep 2009 to 14 Oct 2009

Should government introduce laws to force motor vehicle owners to take out some form of short-term insurance?

Ran from 22 Sep 2009 to 27 Sep 2009

Is enough being done to police non-broker insurance distribution channels?

Ran from 14 Sep 2009 to 21 Sep 2009

Do you think there should be some form of internal censure for insurance companies that bring the industry into disrepute?

Ran from 26 Aug 2009 to 13 Sep 2009
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