Other Polls

Do you agree that the local recession will be of short duration and that the economy will be firing on all cylinders in 2010?

Ran from 24 Mar 2009 to 24 Apr 2009

Do you think the current government is doing enough to combat violent crime?

Ran from 18 Mar 2009 to 23 Mar 2009

In your experience do the large financial services companies use their financial clout and intimidating legal presence to delay compensation?

Ran from 24 Feb 2009 to 17 Mar 2009

Peter Ghavalas entered a plea bargain with the state earlier this week. Do you agree that the state should have entered into such a plea bargain or should he have been sentenced?

Ran from 17 Feb 2009 to 23 Feb 2009

Do you think it?s fair to exclude investment performance from bonus considerations?

Ran from 10 Feb 2009 to 16 Feb 2009

If you follow the age-old investment adage to ?buy low and sell high? then the best time to buy is when sentiment is at its worst! Do you have the resolve to buy South African equities during the current economic downturn?

Ran from 27 Jan 2009 to 09 Feb 2009

Are you confident that all of your staff will comply with the FAIS Fit and Proper requirements within the expected timeframes?

Ran from 16 Jan 2009 to 26 Jan 2009

The South African Reserve Bank's Monetary Policy Committee has cut the repo rate by 50 basis points in December. Do you think they will cut it again at there next meeting?

Ran from 11 Dec 2008 to 15 Jan 2009

Do you expect an interest rate cut on 11 December 2008?

Ran from 08 Dec 2008 to 11 Dec 2008

Do you think the so-called ?chip and pin? will reduce fraudulent card transactions?

Ran from 25 Nov 2008 to 07 Dec 2008
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