Other Polls

Do you believe the recent short-term insurance adverts run by OUTsurance are belittling our industry?

Ran from 11 Aug 2009 to 16 Aug 2009

Do you think further interest rate cuts will bolster the economy, or has the consumer simply become too cautious to be influenced by interest rates?

Ran from 05 Aug 2009 to 05 Sep 2009

Current regulation prohibits pension funds from investing more than 2.5% of their assets in hedge funds. Would you support regulations that allow this cap to be raised?

Ran from 20 Jul 2009 to 04 Aug 2009

Do you think life insurers have sacrificed new business in favour of retaining existing policies

Ran from 07 Jul 2009 to 19 Jul 2009

Do you think the insurance industry is doing enough to encourage new entrants?

Ran from 30 Jun 2009 to 06 Jul 2009

How many of your clients will be able to boast 40 years of uninterrupted saving when they retire?

Ran from 11 Jun 2009 to 30 Jun 2009

Do you think National Health Insurance is an appropriate healthcare solution for South Africa?

Ran from 01 Jun 2009 to 10 Jun 2009

Do you understand the new Fit and Proper Requirements as they apply to representatives and key individuals with regulatory roles?

Ran from 14 May 2009 to 31 May 2009

The FAIS Ombudsman takes a tough stance on institutions that misrepresent their compliance status to lure investors. Do you still encounter service providers that fraudulently claim to be registered financial services providers?

Ran from 28 Apr 2009 to 13 May 2009

Have you come across any claim activity which could be linked to an insurance fraud syndicate?

Ran from 09 Apr 2009 to 27 Apr 2009
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