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Do you think government is capable of implementing and administering a mandatory third party insurance system?

Ran from 06 Jul 2010 to 17 Aug 2010

Are you happy with the costs levied on and returns generated by so-called new generation retirement annuities?

Ran from 30 Jun 2010 to 01 Aug 2010

Professionals say you must save consistently over 40-years to ensure financial security for retirement. But it seems financial shocks like the sub-prime crisis can scupper plans. Have any of your clients been forced to reassess their retirement date?

Ran from 24 Jun 2010 to 05 Jul 2010

NHI: Government is trying to push through a plan that in its most basic form will burn through 25% of annual tax revenue before a cent is spent on other social imperatives. Does it make sense for government to proceed with this plan?

Ran from 21 Jun 2010 to 29 Jun 2010

?White label? financial products and ?binder? arrangements typically blur the line between the duties of product providers, distributors and administrators. Is there too much room for conflict of interest in existing binder arrangements?

Ran from 26 May 2010 to 20 Jun 2010

Board notice 58 of 2010 is available from the Financial Services Board website ( Have you taken the time to read the conflict of interest amendments to the General Code?

Ran from 06 May 2010 to 25 May 2010

Do you believe that the changes to the code for ?conflict of interest? will significantly impact your business?

Ran from 07 Apr 2010 to 06 May 2010

Do you think South Africans take enough interest in their retirement plans?

Ran from 30 Mar 2010 to 06 Apr 2010

Have you ever experienced difficulties with the liquidity or actual return earned on a money market investment?

Ran from 11 Mar 2010 to 29 Mar 2010

Far too often high profile entertainers and sports stars evade DUI prosecutions. Do you think South Africa?s DUI laws are adequately policed?

Ran from 25 Feb 2010 to 10 Mar 2010
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