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The SA economy has spluttered along since its 2008/9 brush with recession. Given how local consumers are struggling, are you upbeat about prospects in your short-term brokerage this year?

Ran from 14 May 2012 to 30 May 2012

Would you agree that lump sum or income replacement policies would cost more than gap insurance products?

Ran from 02 May 2012 to 13 May 2012

Regulation impacts each and everyone in the financial services sector. Ironically the cost of compliance eventually filters down to the self-same grouping. Are you concerned that acquisition costs are kept in check while compliance costs are rising?

Ran from 11 Apr 2012 to 01 May 2012

Can your clients accommodate an additional R550/month in taxes, or will they have to divert funds from their discretionary expenditure budget?

Ran from 28 Mar 2012 to 10 Apr 2012

There are few options available to independent financial advisers struggling with the compliance load. Would you consider merging with a like-minded practice?

Ran from 19 Mar 2012 to 19 Apr 2012

Given SA's high personal income tax rates it makes sense to welcome any tax concessions with open arms. Do your self-employed clients avail themselves of the tax breaks on offer for contributions to retirement annuities?

Ran from 27 Feb 2012 to 18 Mar 2012

In a recent discussion with an insurance company chief executive concerns were raised over whether the current consumer protections were a step too far. What do you think?

Ran from 13 Feb 2012 to 26 Feb 2012

Financial services performance hinges almost entirely on the financial health of local consumers. Do you expect your clients to have more or less disposable income through 2012?

Ran from 17 Jan 2012 to 12 Feb 2012

Are you concerned that the independent financial adviser is carrying the can for financial product meltdown, while the product provider and regulators walk away unchallenged?

Ran from 06 Dec 2011 to 16 Jan 2012

It looks increasingly likely that the intermediary remuneration model will be finalised to coincide with TCF. Do you agree that issues such as the role of tied versus intermediaries & remuneration in risk & investment business be bedded down with TCF?

Ran from 22 Nov 2011 to 05 Dec 2011
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