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Far too often high profile entertainers and sports stars evade DUI prosecutions. Do you think South Africa?s DUI laws are adequately policed?

Ran from 25 Feb 2010 to 10 Mar 2010

Which would you prefer ? an increase in the VAT rate from 14% to 15% - or a steep increase in the top marginal rate of personal income tax?

Ran from 17 Feb 2010 to 24 Feb 2010

Is the financial services industry doing enough to extend services (marketing, advice and distribution) in poorer communities?

Ran from 11 Feb 2010 to 16 Feb 2010

Would you advise your clients to increase retirement contributions ahead of long periods of low market return?

Ran from 20 Jan 2010 to 10 Feb 2010

Would you consider purchasing a buy-to-let property against the current economic backdrop?

Ran from 14 Jan 2010 to 19 Jan 2010

Do you think the CFP qualification is an adequate benchmark for professionalism in the financial services industry?

Ran from 03 Dec 2009 to 14 Jan 2010

Two months ago SA exited technical recession. This means SA is on the front foot again ? & that both business & consumer will power ahead through 2010. Have you noticed any marked improvements in business activity or business sentiment since Oct 2009?

Ran from 25 Nov 2009 to 02 Dec 2009

Have you decided to curtail your spending over the festive season?

Ran from 19 Nov 2009 to 24 Nov 2009

Market turmoil or not, equities provide the most consistent long-term investment returns. Yet SA investors prefer ?risk free? cash alternatives afforded by money market and fixed interests unit trusts. Do you think the average SA investor is too exposed?

Ran from 17 Nov 2009 to 18 Nov 2009

FAIS Regulatory I and II exams: Are you prepared?

Ran from 10 Nov 2009 to 16 Nov 2009
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