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Short-term insures seem to have improved their profits by clamping down on claims? Have you noticed the short-term insurers taking a tougher stance at claims payout stage through 2010/11?

Ran from 22 Sep 2011 to 10 Oct 2011

Have you thought about leaving the financial advice profession due to the mounting burden of compliance?

Ran from 14 Sep 2011 to 21 Sep 2011

CPI number may not be appropriate for all of our retirement calculations. Do you think financial planners should use higher than indicated CPI numbers in their calculations ? or will this create scenarios that are simply too daunting for their clients?

Ran from 31 Aug 2011 to 13 Sep 2011

What should South Africa do to address its healthcare concerns? I get a feeling we?re looking at between 3% and 6% of gross salary as an initial NHI contribution ? can you afford it?

Ran from 18 Aug 2011 to 30 Aug 2011

Do you expect to see significant changes in future employee benefit survey results without radical interventions, possibly by way of increased regulation / legislation?

Ran from 17 Aug 2011 to 17 Aug 2011

Short-term insurers will have their work cut out to maintain underwriting margins at acceptable levels. As part of the solution they will turn to intermediaries to write new business among South Africa?s un- and under-insured. Can you tap this market?

Ran from 01 Aug 2011 to 16 Aug 2011

Do you think the European insurance sector offers a reasonable proxy for the South African business?

Ran from 04 Jul 2011 to 31 Jul 2011

Are you confident the new Regulation 28 does enough to safeguard your retirement assets?

Ran from 30 Jun 2011 to 03 Jul 2011

Do you expect a rate hike before year-end 2011?

Ran from 27 Jun 2011 to 29 Jun 2011

If you have written the RE1 Exam, please indicate your pass mark.

Ran from 01 Jun 2011 to 26 Jun 2011
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