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Do you believe that South Africa?s legal system is successful in dispensing justice in complex financial fraud cases?

Ran from 10 Jul 2012 to 25 Jul 2012

Have you initiated any Section 14(A) debarments against staff for failure to comply with the FAIS Fit & Proper requirements by not completing RE?

Ran from 04 Jul 2012 to 09 Jul 2012

Should the regulators compel retirement fund administrators (and perhaps large life insurers) to do more to educate retirement fund members in the run up to retirement?

Ran from 28 Jun 2012 to 03 Jul 2012

SA corporations have more than R550 billion yet remain reluctant to commit this cash. Reasons for this uncertainty is government?s policy on nationalisation & expropriation. Should corporations go ahead with investments in the absence of policy clarity?

Ran from 27 Jun 2012 to 27 Jun 2012

Do you expect tough action from the FSB immediately after the RE deadline?

Ran from 31 May 2012 to 24 Jun 2012

The SA economy has spluttered along since its 2008/9 brush with recession. Given how local consumers are struggling, are you upbeat about prospects in your short-term brokerage this year?

Ran from 14 May 2012 to 30 May 2012

Would you agree that lump sum or income replacement policies would cost more than gap insurance products?

Ran from 02 May 2012 to 13 May 2012

Regulation impacts each and everyone in the financial services sector. Ironically the cost of compliance eventually filters down to the self-same grouping. Are you concerned that acquisition costs are kept in check while compliance costs are rising?

Ran from 11 Apr 2012 to 01 May 2012

Can your clients accommodate an additional R550/month in taxes, or will they have to divert funds from their discretionary expenditure budget?

Ran from 28 Mar 2012 to 10 Apr 2012

There are few options available to independent financial advisers struggling with the compliance load. Would you consider merging with a like-minded practice?

Ran from 19 Mar 2012 to 19 Apr 2012
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