Other Polls

Do you believe government is more concerned with race profiling and equity targets than service delivery?

Ran from 02 Mar 2011 to 14 Mar 2011

Are you struggling to find appropriate ?low risk? solutions for retired clients?

Ran from 22 Nov 2010 to 22 Jan 2011

Do you think Sharemax could?ve raised enough cash to fund The Villa to completion?

Ran from 26 Oct 2010 to 21 Nov 2010

Momentum and Metropolitan holdings merger - Do you think the two financial services giants can merge without making job cuts?

Ran from 18 Oct 2010 to 25 Oct 2010

The country?s high debt levels and pending deductions for NHI mean we are poorly prepared for compulsory saving. Do you think government will push for simultaneous NHI and NSSS implementations?

Ran from 11 Oct 2010 to 17 Oct 2010

Is a retirement system that relies on employer contributions the right fix for a country with high levels of unemployment?

Ran from 23 Sep 2010 to 10 Oct 2010

Is the FSB / Dynamic Wealth situation is being correctly handled ? in the best interests of consumers?

Ran from 16 Sep 2010 to 22 Sep 2010

As a financial adviser have you made adequate provisions for your own risk and investment requirements?

Ran from 31 Aug 2010 to 15 Sep 2010

Consumer Protection Act: The Act should make it easier to buy and sell insurance products without compromising consumers. And that?s what we should focus on. Are you ready for the CPA?

Ran from 25 Aug 2010 to 30 Aug 2010

Unit trusts remain popular with private investors wanting to stockpile extra cash for retirement. There are new financial products which could prove popular among the traditional unit trust consumer. Do you consider ETF's as a viable alternative?

Ran from 12 Aug 2010 to 12 Sep 2010
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