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Do you agree that prescribed investing will "create more business for financial planners and pension fund managers?"

Ran from 15 Feb 2013 to 18 Mar 2013

Would you welcome the adoption of a single Professional Body to handle designations in the short term industry?

Ran from 03 Dec 2012 to 30 Jan 2013

Would you agree that the future of the life and pensions industry hinges on emerging markets and the internet?

Ran from 21 Nov 2012 to 02 Dec 2012

Should the CMS push ahead with demarcation legislation before a comprehensive study of healthcare insurance consumers? needs is completed?

Ran from 22 Oct 2012 to 20 Nov 2012

Is your financial services practice coping with the 21st Century regulatory deluge?

Ran from 11 Oct 2012 to 21 Oct 2012

Is there an argument for medical schemes to simplify their product offerings so that consumers can better understand the benefits they are entitled to?

Ran from 03 Oct 2012 to 03 Nov 2012

Have you negotiated your PI premium recently ? and has it escalated significantly?

Ran from 12 Sep 2012 to 12 Oct 2012

Do you agree that personal lines insurances are simple enough to conclude without broker assistance ? and are you shifting focus towards more complex commercial covers?

Ran from 05 Sep 2012 to 11 Sep 2012

Is it possible for insurance brokers to undo the damage caused by the so-called ?middle man? advertising campaigns?

Ran from 07 Aug 2012 to 04 Sep 2012

Are you aware of the STRIDE initiative and do you believe it will add value in your practise? Are you aware of the STRIDE initiative and do you believe it will add value in your practise?

Ran from 26 Jul 2012 to 06 Aug 2012
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