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Should government consider increasing the official retirement age in South Africa?

Ran from 10 Apr 2014 to 24 Apr 2014

Should Short-term brokers be allowed to charge for advice over and above commission?

Ran from 26 Mar 2014 to 09 Apr 2014

RAF "spin doctor" Ronald Bobroff: Is enough being done to prosecute him?

Ran from 17 Mar 2014 to 25 Mar 2014

Does government have the capacity, or the will, to make key improvements in SA?

Ran from 25 Feb 2014 to 16 Mar 2014

With the Budget speech looming we thought it pertinent to ask - Should government consider increasing VAT?

Ran from 16 Feb 2014 to 24 Feb 2014

A multiple award winning advisor is debarred for fraud. He will be allowed to reapply for his licence after a year. Should this be allowed?

Ran from 16 Jan 2014 to 16 Feb 2014

Brokers play a vital role in the industry where they form the vital connection between insurers and the public. Is the FIA doing enough to support you, the broker?

Ran from 10 Oct 2013 to 25 Nov 2013

Do you think the FSB could have done more and in a quicker time frame on the Model Insurance debacle?

Ran from 09 Oct 2013 to 09 Oct 2013

The FSB believes that they have taken cognisance of the mistakes made in other international markets so that the rollout of RDR will be uninhibited. Do you believe this?

Ran from 07 Oct 2013 to 08 Oct 2013

Raimund Snyders has assured us that all is well at Mutual & Federal and that the company is merely in the midst of a significantly challenging period. Can they count on your continued support?

Ran from 02 Oct 2013 to 01 Nov 2013
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