Other Polls

Do you think the European insurance sector offers a reasonable proxy for the South African business?

Ran from 04 Jul 2011 to 31 Jul 2011

Are you confident the new Regulation 28 does enough to safeguard your retirement assets?

Ran from 30 Jun 2011 to 03 Jul 2011

Do you expect a rate hike before year-end 2011?

Ran from 27 Jun 2011 to 29 Jun 2011

If you have written the RE1 Exam, please indicate your pass mark.

Ran from 01 Jun 2011 to 26 Jun 2011

Do you think the cost of hosting a representative at an awards dinner forms part of the 'immaterial financial interest' mentioned in the COI?

Ran from 13 May 2011 to 31 May 2011

Are you concerned with Regulation 28 changes to individual RAs and provident funds?

Ran from 28 Apr 2011 to 12 May 2011

Do you think the local industry is ready for ?driver behaviour? short-term insurance products?

Ran from 19 Apr 2011 to 27 Apr 2011

Principles, Professionalism and Profitability ? is there a link?

Ran from 14 Apr 2011 to 18 Apr 2011

Do you think the FSB Enforcement Committee is doing a good job ? or are we just seeing the tip of the iceberg in terms of the ?prosecution? of illegal conduct in the financial services space?

Ran from 06 Apr 2011 to 06 May 2011

Recent events in New Zealand and Japan must have the US state of California shaking in their proverbial boots. Do you think 2011 will be a record year for catastrophe re-insurers?

Ran from 15 Mar 2011 to 05 Apr 2011
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