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With the allegations against CMS’s investigations head, Stephen Mmatli, do you believe this will taint the CMS’s role?

Ran from 20 Feb 2019 to 27 Feb 2019

Which contestant of The Insurance Apprentice 2019 do you believe has the reinstatement card?

Ran from 15 Feb 2019 to 19 Feb 2019

Can prescribed assets help SOEs recover from the dire situation that they find themselves in?

Ran from 06 Feb 2019 to 14 Feb 2019

A new year brings new opportunities. Do you feel that 2019 will be a good year for the industry?

Ran from 22 Jan 2019 to 14 Feb 2019

Do you agree with the Durban High Court ruling that Sharemax would not have failed if the Reserve Bank had not intervened?

Ran from 12 Dec 2018 to 13 Jan 2019

Asisa reports that net inflows into the investment industry are significantly depressed. Is this due to a unstable economy brought about by political changes?

Ran from 29 Nov 2018 to 11 Dec 2018

Do you think that Momentum’s decision to pay out the Nathan Ganas was the right thing to do?

Ran from 21 Nov 2018 to 28 Nov 2018

Between 1918 and 2014, 32% of all of Lloyds of London’s insured losses were caused by flooding. With Climate change becoming a growing issue, is this a growing concern for insurers?

Ran from 06 Nov 2018 to 20 Nov 2018

The FSCA has said that the intrusive nature of regulation actually benefits insurers and intermediaries. Is this the reality on the ground?

Ran from 15 Oct 2018 to 02 Nov 2018

The financial planning industry is at tipping point because:

Ran from 27 Sep 2018 to 14 Oct 2018
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