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Employment equity targets and financial sector transformation…

Ran from 09 Mar 2022 to 16 Mar 2022

The Budget Speech 2022...

Ran from 24 Feb 2022 to 06 Mar 2022

The latest Momentum Sci-fi report introduces the concept of a behaviour tax under four investor archetypes. Which of the following archetype best describes your equity fund decision making?

Ran from 17 Feb 2022 to 02 Mar 2022

Each year dozens of analysts and economists have a go at forecasting the rand to US dollar 12-months into the future; but their educated ‘guesswork’ produces a wide range of outcomes. What do you think a dollar will ‘cost’ at 31 December 2022?

Ran from 27 Jan 2022 to 14 Feb 2022

Are you shocked by Sasria’s 2022 rate increases, or is it expected given the sheer scale of the July 2021 rioting plus the ongoing increase in frequency and severity of protest losses?

Ran from 19 Jan 2022 to 04 Feb 2022

2020/21 FAIS Ombud Annual Report: Which trend do you believe financial advisers/ product providers should address to avoid a flood of complaints in 2022?

Ran from 11 Jan 2022 to 18 Jan 2022

Do you agree that offshore returns outweigh the ‘returns plus tax concession’ on SA retirement funds?

Ran from 08 Dec 2021 to 10 Jan 2022

The second draft amendments to Regulation 28 will allow retirement funds to allocate up to 45% of their assets to SA infrastructure, with a further 10% for rest of Africa; but the equity & offshore caps remain unchanged. What are your thoughts on the proposal?

Ran from 16 Nov 2021 to 07 Dec 2021

What are the challenges you face in the implementation of POPIA?

Ran from 10 Nov 2021 to 15 Nov 2021

Do you believe this is the toughest period for financial advice in many years?

Ran from 18 Oct 2021 to 09 Nov 2021
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