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We operate in an industry where technology is critical to everything we do. APPS is the new buzzword and most companies have some type of APP. Do you believe that APPS is the way to go?

Ran from 01 Sep 2014 to 14 Sep 2014

Do you believe that the FAIS Ombud's confidence level in the industries record keeping is justified?

Ran from 26 Aug 2014 to 31 Aug 2014

How important is the need for cyber-liability cover in modern society?

Ran from 20 Aug 2014 to 25 Aug 2014

Will you be entering The Insurance Apprentice competition or will you be nominating a suitable candidate from your company?

Ran from 30 Jul 2014 to 19 Aug 2014

Did your clients receive a speedy and efficient service from insurers following the destructive hail claims? Were the insurers able to cope?

Ran from 26 Jun 2014 to 13 Jul 2014

Discovery Insure has launched a new driving app that scientifically measures your driving behaviour & provides you with feedback on how to improve. There is a competition running. Have you taken up the challenge?

Ran from 13 Jun 2014 to 25 Jun 2014

Do you think RDR will be the end of the independent adviser?

Ran from 09 Jun 2014 to 08 Jul 2014

Fraud: If you know your client has committed fraud – would you assist in the investigation?

Ran from 26 May 2014 to 08 Jun 2014

After 20 years of democracy, do you feel the IEC is fulfilling their role of ensuring a free and fair election?

Ran from 08 May 2014 to 29 May 2014

Were the fines imposed on the banks by the Reserve Bank for FICA related offences fair?

Ran from 24 Apr 2014 to 07 May 2014
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